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Each year OHSU awards five badges to our programs for their thoughtful, innovative, and excellent assessment work. If your program would like to apply for awards please see the links to the applications below. Programs can apply to as many awards as desired, focusing on their particular strengths. The awards committee is made up of members of the FIELD faculty (TLC/Library) and former assessment council members.

Due date: December 15
Note: the Provost Award for Excellence in Program Assessment has no application required, and this badge is awarded exclusively based on the plan/reports submitted on Nov 1 each year.

To apply:
Submit application (see below) with responses by Dec 15 to Kirstin Moreno .

Stakeholder and Data Engagement Award application 
Assessment Transparency Award application
Assessment Scholarship Award application
Equity in Assessment Award application

Excellence in Program Assessment


This award is for programs that have a top score on both their plan and report and whose reviewer comments highlight this impressive work.  This program does it all: communicates learning outcomes, aligns well with the university outcomes, reflects on outcomes not met, engages stakeholders at a high level, and makes data-based changes to classes and the program as a whole.  This program is a shining star.

  • Radiation Therapy (BS-RATH)
Nursing (DNP) staff photos
Nursing (DNP-NUR)

PA group
Physician Assistant (MPAS-PHAS)

Human Nutrition staff photos
Human Nutrition (MS-HNUT) 

Biostatistics staff photos
Biostatistics (MPH-BIOS) 

NP Acute Care staff photos
Pediatric Primary Acute NP (DNP-PPAC) 

Pharmacy (PHARMD-PHRM)
Physician Assistant Program
Physician Assistant (MPAS-PHAS)

HIP Program
Human Investigations (MCR-HIP) 

Neuroscience PhD Program
Neuroscience PhD (PHD-NSC) 

Stakeholder and Data Engagement Award


This award is for programs that analyze their assessment data along with stakeholders like students, staff, alumni, and employers to implement changes to the way they do things with the goal of improving student learning.  They consult, collaborate with, and enable stakeholders.  This program is action-oriented and makes informed decisions.

  • Nursing BS - Monmouth
  • Dietetic Internship (BCRT-CD)
  • Pharmacy (PHARMD-PHRM)
  • Nursing BS PDX Accelerated Bacc.
  • Biomedical Informatics (PHD-BMI)
  • Biomedical Informatics (MBI-BMI)
  • Nursing BS Portland 3 Year
  • Nursing BS Portland Post AAS Transfer
  • Nurse Midwifery (MN-NMID)
  • Physician Assistant (MPAS-PHAS)
  • Bioinformatics Computation Biomed (PHD-BCB)
  • Radiation Therapy (BS-RATH)
  • Nursing Education (MN-NEDU)
  • Biomedical Informatics (MS-BMI)
  • Nursing BS - RNBS
  • Nursing BS - La Grande
  • Nursing BS - Klamath Falls
  • Medicine (MD-MD)
  • Human Nutrition (MS-HNUT)
PA group
Physician Assistant (MPAS-PHAS)
Biostatistics MS Program
Biostatistics MS (MS-BIOS)

Assessment Transparency Award


This award is for programs who clearly communicate with learners and the public. This includes prominently posted learning outcomes, clearly worded and interpreted key assessment of student learning results, data on graduation rates, pass rates, and job placement. The program keeps this section of their website updated regularly and describes continual, specific improvements taking place. This program also communicates intentionally with students about assignment, course, and program learning outcomes, and when learning gaps are discovered, informs their students and shares next steps. This program is honest and shares visibly how well it is meeting its goals both with the public and with its learners.

Pharmacy (PHARMD-PHRM)
Radiation Therapy Program
Radiation Therapy (BS-RATH)

Assessment Scholarship Award


This award is for programs who are taking their assessment work a step further and engaging in assessing student learning from a researcher’s perspective.  They are presenting at conferences about assessment and participating regionally or nationally in professional organizations that address assessment.  They are publishing articles that highlight innovative ways they have approached assessment or rigorous assessment research.  This program is part of the assessment conversation.

School of Nursing
Nurse Anesthesia (DNP-NANE and MN-NANE)
MD Program
MD Program (MD-MD)

Equity in Assessment Award


This award is for programs who are inclusive in their assessment of student learning.  They disaggregate their data to examine whether any groups of students need to be better supported.  They evaluate and update their assessments with universal design principles in mind, allowing students to demonstrate learning in multiple ways.  They actively involve and empower learners as partners in the assessment process with the goal of creating a more culturally responsive learning environment.  This program considers the student population being served and is mindful of systems of power and oppression that might impact learning. 

PA group
Physician Assistant (MPAS-PHAS)
Physician Assistant Program
Physician Assistant (MPAS-PHAS)