Education at OHSU

Graduating students

Dear graduating students,

Congratulations on your many years of hard work and upcoming graduation!  Below are health-related resources and answers to frequently asked questions.  Please also reach out to us with any questions at or 503-494-8665, Option 1.

Access to SHW

Typically, access to SHW ends at the end of the month of the term in which you graduate. For example, if you graduate in Spring term, you will have access to SHW until June 30th. You must also have active insurance for your remaining appointments at SHW. Please check your health insurance coverage dates, including the PacificSource Student Health Insurance Plan coverage dates to ensure you will be covered for your appointment at Student Health or elsewhere. If you do not have active insurance, please contact SHW for more information. This step is important; without active insurance you cannot be seen at SHW.

If you are an established patient at SHW, please work with your provider(s) about your transition plan.

If you have PacificSource

Graduating Students with PacificSource

Paperwork you might need

If you need residency or external rotation paperwork signed by a provider, please complete the immunization portion and email to If you matriculated after January 2017 and need copies of your immunization records, you can access them in ReadySet.  Otherwise, please reach out to SHW for a copy of your records.