School of Nursing

Non-Degree Status

Non-degree status provides an option for students to take courses without being admitted to an OHSU School of Nursing (SON) graduate program. Not all courses are open to non-degree students. Once a student has been approved, and has met all the requirements for becoming a non-degree student, this status remains effective for up to 4 continuous terms and/or within the same academic year. However, faculty permission needs to be granted for every course the student takes.

Non-degree students are limited to taking a maximum of 6 credits per term. No more than 9 credits of non-degree coursework can be transferred into a SON graduate program. Taking courses as a non-degree student is not considered in the admission decisions to an OHSU academic program.  Non-degree students may not take clinical courses.

Non-degree registration process for Masters, PMCO and Ph.D. program

Please see the academic calendar for registration and starting dates for each term.

You must be registered for courses at least 6 weeks prior to the start of each term. Non-degree students will not be permitted to register for courses after the term begins. Non-degree students must be compliant (more information regarding compliance requirements is listed below, in step 3.) by the beginning of the term.

Non-Degree students are required to contact the faculty teaching the course (or Program Director) to request permission to enroll. To obtain an e-mail of a faculty member, please go to the faculty listings page. Admitted students have priority for enrolling in all graduate courses. Faculty may:

  • Permit you to register for the course;
  • Decline your request
  • Keep a waiting list and notify you later if permission to take the course is granted

If you receive an email from a faculty member giving you permission to register for a course, you must submit a copy of that email with your course registration materials to the Registrar.

To apply and register for a course as a non-degree student, please complete the following:

  1. Submit official baccalaureate degree transcripts (unless you graduated from OHSU), a Non-Degree Application Form and a Registration Form to the OHSU registrar's office located at: OHSU Registrar's Office, L109 3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Rd. Portland, Ore. 97239 
    You must indicate on your registration form the date and name of the faculty giving permission. Please note the registration dates for each term and how tuition and fees are billed through the Registrar's office.
  2. Obtain approval from the faculty of record teaching the course (information listed above).
  3. Non-degree Students have the same requirements as all other OHSU students, in that they are required to be fully compliant before taking courses at OHSU. View the non-degree student requirements for compliance under the document "Complio instructions for reference" found in step one on the compliance page. All of these need to be completed, and approved/compliant, before the beginning of the term.
  4. After you register for courses, you can acquire a library barcode here. You will be able to use the barcode to access the library resources both on and off-site.
  5. Submit to the Registrar the non-degree application packet with a $60 non-refundable application fee at above address. Make check payable to OHSU. (NOTE: This application fee cannot be deducted from your application fee if/when you apply to a School of Nursing Graduate Program to be an admitted student. That fee is $120, and is separate from the $60 non degree application fee.)
  6. Complete the HIPAA and Respect at the University trainings. Go to OHSU Integrity Education and select the HIPAA and Respect at the University trainings. Keep a copy of the completion certificate for your files. Email a copy of the HIPAA and Respect training completion certificates along with a copy of the Application form to Carolyn Kimpton,
  7. Medical Insurance : Health insurance is required of all nursing students. OHSU has a policy that requires each registered student to have health insurance. The Registrar's office automatically bills you for health insurance when you register for a course, UNLESS YOU HAVE RETURNED a Medical Insurance Waiver Form to Student Health proving you have your own policy. If you apply for the waiver because you already have a qualifying group insurance plan and do not need OHSU health insurance, be sure to include a copy of the schedule of benefits of your plan (you can get this from the insurance company) and submit a copy of your insurance verification card with expiration date highlighted, along with the OHSU Waiver Application form.

Please send inquiries about graduate program information to For specific information on being a Non-Degree student, contact:

Carolyn Kimpton Program Technician I OHSU School of Nursing, SN-ADM 3455 SW U.S. Veterans Hospital Road Portland, OR 97239-2941 Phone: 503 494-2351 FAX: 503 494-3878