School of Nursing

Non-Degree Status

Non-degree status provides an option for students to take courses without being admitted to an OHSU School of Nursing (SON) graduate program. Not all courses are open to non-degree students. Once a student has been approved, and has met all the requirements for becoming a non-degree student, this status remains effective for up to 4 continuous terms and/or within the same academic year. However, faculty permission needs to be granted for every course the student takes.

Non-degree students are limited to taking a maximum of 6 credits per term. No more than 9 credits of non-degree coursework can be transferred into a SON graduate program. Taking courses as a non-degree student is not considered in the admission decisions to an OHSU academic program.  Non-degree students may not take clinical courses.

Non-degree registration process for Masters, PMCO and Ph.D. program

Please see the academic calendar for registration and starting dates for each term.

You must be registered for courses at least 6 weeks prior to the start of each term. Non-degree students will not be permitted to register for courses after the term begins. Non-degree students must be compliant (more information regarding compliance requirements is listed below, in step 3.) by the beginning of the term.

Non-Degree students are required to contact the faculty teaching the course (or Program Director) to request permission to enroll. To obtain an e-mail of a faculty member, please go to the faculty listings page. Admitted students have priority for enrolling in all graduate courses. Faculty may:

  • Permit you to register for the course;
  • Decline your request
  • Keep a waiting list and notify you later if permission to take the course is granted

If you receive an email from a faculty member giving you permission to register for a course, you must submit a copy of that email with your course registration materials to the Registrar.

To apply and register for a course as a non-degree student

Please send inquiries about graduate program information to For specific information on being a Non-Degree student, contact:

Carolyn Kimpton Program Technician I OHSU School of Nursing, SN-ADM 3455 SW U.S. Veterans Hospital Road Portland, OR 97239-2941 Phone: 503 494-2351 FAX: 503-346-8504