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Doctor of Philosophy

"We are changing the course of nursing science. We want you to change it with us."

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 Program at a glance

  • The Ph.D. is a research-intensive degree to prepare nurse scientists.
  • A Ph.D. can be completed in 3-7 years.
  • Courses are taught in person on the Portland campus.
  • OHSU is a health sciences campus with access to laboratories, clinical populations and research centers.
  • See meet our Ph.D. faculty to learn about faculty research expertise

Program Mission:

Prepare graduates who

  • Contribute to the advancement of nursing science in a substantive area of research
  • Provide leadership in the discipline directed toward accessible, high-quality health care, excellent nursing education and translation of research into practice

Program Purpose: Prepares scientists who will be educated to develop new knowledge through research and assume positions of leadership in academic and health care settings.

At the end of the PhD program the graduate will be able  to:

  1. Appraise the philosophical underpinnings of science
  2. Examine and synthesize existing knowledge and different scientific perspectives to advance nursing science
  3. Design and conduct research to create new knowledge to advance the field of nursing and nursing science
  4. Apply professional and research ethics in the conduct of research
  5. Demonstrate leadership skill to conduct culturally competent scholarship with interprofessional teams
  6. Disseminate research findings to scientific, professional, and lay audiences to influence nursing practice, policy, and profession
  7. Interpret the components of scholarship to research, teaching, and services to advance nursing discipline
  8. Demonstrate skills to educate and mentor the next generation of nursing scholars

Dual admissions options

Accelerated Bachelor's to PhD
Earn your bachelor of science with a major in nursing degree in 15 months and transition directly to the PhD in nursing program.

Featured news

Tarter_Robin_Head shot_2019
Robin Tarter, R.N., B.S.N., M.S.

Celebrating Robin Tarter!
Robin Tarter, R.N., B.S.N., M.S

Please join us in congratulating Robin Tarter, R.N., B.S.N., M.S., who received the Hartford Award for Research and Practice (HARP) for Ph.D. candidates. This award helps support select students in the final stages of their dissertation.

Robin’s dissertation, “Unpaid Care Labor for Older Adult Parents: Gendered Agency, Constraint, and Health”, will consist of three manuscripts. The HARP will support statistical analysis of secondary data for just one manuscript, “Perceived Choice, Care Intensity, and Social Position: The Health Impact of Unpaid Care Labor for Older Adults”. 

The roles and numbers of unpaid caregivers will swell with the growing population of older adults. The care they provide is essential, as is support for them. Robin’s dissertation chair, Dena Hassouneh, Ph.D., A.N.P. P.M.H.N.P., F.A.A.N., wrote in support of Robin’s application, “Robin seeks to understand the complex interplay of individual, familial, cultural and structural factors in the experience of providing unpaid care labor to older adults and associated caregiver health outcomes (Hassouneh, D., personal communication, April 14, 2020.)”.

Robin expressed her gratitude writing, “I have been incredibly lucky to have the wonderful mentorship of Drs. Dena Hassouneh, [Allison] Lindauer, and [Martha] Driessnack, and I want to recognize and thank them as well.  It is a true honor to receive this grant and it will make a great difference in my work (Tarter, R., personal communication, April 24, 2020)”.

Congratulations to Robin as she advances to the next stage of her nursing career! 

Course Catalog

For all program specifics, Student Learning Outcomes and detailed school information, check out the School of Nursing Catalog/Student Handbook.

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