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The OHSU School of Nursing in Ashland is located on the Southern Oregon University campus, a nationally renowned liberal arts and science university in the Siskiyou mountains' foothills. 

This campus offers three programs: two to complete the Bachelor of Science with a Major in Nursing degree and a third to complete an Accelerated Bachelor's to D.N.P. (Family Nurse Practitioner). These are:

  • OCNE 3-year undergraduate nursing program
  • Accelerated Bachelor (for those with a bachelor degree in another field)
  • Accelerated Bachelor's to DNP  (Family Nurse Practitioner and Psychiatric Mental Health NP)

With a population of just over 20,000, Ashland combines the relaxed and personal atmosphere of a small town with the cultural advantages of a larger city.

Ashland is home of the award-winning Oregon Shakespeare Festival, art galleries, and a flourishing colony of writers and artists. Nearby national forests provide year-round recreation, including camping, rafting, fishing, hiking and skiing.

OHSU Street Nursing Team

The OHSU Street Nursing Team (SNT) is an innovative model for clinical and didactic nursing education at the undergraduate and graduate levels that provides care for persons experiencing homelessness (PEH) at multiple readily accessible, intermittent, and regularly scheduled sites in the community.

The SNT’s specific purpose is to provide culturally aligned care to PEH in rural and underserved southern Oregon communities by strengthening the capacity of nursing students to manage social determinants of health (SDH), improve health equity, and deliver quality, unbiased care.  The SNT is a “mobile health unit” and will build trusting relationships, assist people with immediate needs, help with navigation of health and social services, implement harm reduction strategies, and facilitate telehealth visits to federally qualified health centers (FQHC) from the field.  

In the 2019-2022 Jackson County Community Health Improvement Plan, the top 2 priorities identified for coordinated community action were behavioral health (mental health and substance abuse) and housing. Underlying both priorities is long-term homelessness, with the majority centered around Medford and Ashland.

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Interprofessional Care Access Network

The Interprofessional Care Access Network (I-CAN) program spans academic departments and courses to bring together students performing existing community/clinic rotations as part of their curriculum. The Ashland campus provides opportunities for students to participate in this network. To learn more, visit the I-CAN page

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