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The OHSU School of Nursing in Ashland is located on the Southern Oregon University campus, a nationally renowned liberal arts and science university located in the foothills of the Siskiyou mountains. 

This campus offers three programs: two to complete the Bachelor of Science with a Major in Nursing degree and a third to complete an Accelerated Bachelor's to Master's program (Family Nurse Practitioner). These are:

  • OCNE 3 year undergraduate nursing program
  • Accelerated Bachelor (for those with a bachelor degree in another field)
  • Accelerated Bachelor's to Master's program  (Family Nurse Practitioner)

With a population of 20,000, Ashland combines the relaxed and personal atmosphere of a small town with the cultural advantages of a larger city.

Ashland is home of the award-winning Shakespeare Festival, art galleries, and a flourishing colony of writers and artists. Nearby national forests provide year-round recreation including camping, rafting, fishing, hiking and skiing.

Teri Coply

Highlighted Faculty

Teri Copley, M.S.N., R.N.

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