School of Nursing


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OHSU School of Nursing is committed to sustaining a diverse learning community of students, faculty, and staff across programs and campuses and within educational, clinical practice, and research partnerships.

OHSU School of Nursing is committed to achieving diversity and equity and believes it to be fundamental to our educational mission. The School of Nursing incorporates a practice of holistic admission review to recruit a diverse student body, provides academic, financial, and social resources to support the success of all students, and strives to enhance and sustain a climate of inclusion within all missions of the School statewide. It is our belief that the quality of learning in nursing education is enhanced by diverse perspectives and relationships and through appreciation of the full range of human experiences. We are all learners in the School of Nursing community, and committed to addressing social justice for each other, for our patients, and for members of our interprofessional teams.

Through strategic alliances, community building, and forums on issues affecting the changing demographics across the state of Oregon and the rest of the country, OHSU School of Nursing pledges its commitment to the education of nurses and nurse leaders that will provide excellent and culturally appropriate care to underserved, vulnerable, and ethnic populations.