School of Nursing

RNBS Completion - Online

RNBS graduating class of 2022

Why the bachelors completion online program at OHSU?

  • Online delivery with national certification for quality course design
  • Online clinicals and concept based learning activities centered on
    1) Primary Care 
    2) Building Partnerships through Community Action Projects
    3) Economic Impact of Population Health.
  • Award winning faculty (all experienced RNs) committed to community health and health equity
  • Nationally recognized concept-based curriculum
  • Located where you live and work!
Quality Matters Certified

RNBS courses are certified by Quality Matters, a national organization for hybrid and fully remote courses to meet rigorous standards for teaching and learning. Certified courses ensure alignment between objectives, assignments, and instructional materials as well as quality design in navigation and accessibility. QM certification serves as a commitment to creating and maintaining an environment of excellence and quality.  Learn more

Our RNBS online program is convenient, flexible and affordable.

Students on this pathway will join recent nursing graduates and experienced licensed nurses in our online teaching-learning environment on a full- or part-time basis. Courses are delivered by expert nurse educators, and combined with an innovative, virtual clinical experience.

All students in the RNBS program must have an RN license by the end of the first term of the RNBS program. 

    Graduates from Oregon Consortium for Nursing Education (OCNE) Partner Schools

    As an OCNE partner school graduate you can seamlessly transition with your associate's degree (AD) to the OHSU School of Nursing for your final year of nursing coursework to receive the Bachelor's of Science (BS) with a major in nursing degree.

    Delivery method

    Primarily asynchronous online learning for theory courses. Clinical courses provide opportunities for innovative practice experience through a mix of projects and case-based learning completed on your own time.

    Course examples include:

    • Leadership and Outcomes Management (NRS 412) experience occurs in a virtual health system (online) where students are able to interact with faculty and peers while accommodating their personal schedules. 
    • Population Health Practice (NRS 410B) is an experiential and collaborative learning experience offered in students' last term.
    • Integrative Practicum (NRS 426A) is an independent experiential course focused on systems and health issues for local communities.

    RNBS to Master's program

    The School of Nursing also offers a seamless pathway from the RNBS program to the Online Master's in Nursing Education program.

    The Oregon Consortium for Nursing Education (OCNE) curriculum is based on 10 core competencies (listed below).  These competences form our overarching Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) for all undergraduate programs. The OCNE competencies are based on a view of nursing as a theory-guided, safety-oriented, evidence-based discipline.

    1. A competent nurse bases personal and professional actions on a set of shared core nursing values.
    2. A competent nurse uses reflection, self-analysis, and self-care to develop insight.
    3. A competent nurse engages in intentional learning.
    4. A competent nurse demonstrates leadership in nursing and health care.
    5. A competent nurse collaborates as part of a health care team.
    6. A competent nurse is able to practice within, utilize, and contribute to all health care systems.
    7. A competent nurse practices relationship-centered care.
    8. A competent nurse communicates effectively.
    9. A competent nurse makes sound clinical judgments.
    10. A competent nurse, locates, evaluates and uses the best available evidence.