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Biobehavioral Research Core

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Our vision

Welcome to the Biobehavioral Research Core (BbRC) at Oregon Health and Science University School of Nursing. We are dedicated to supporting students and faculty in conducting relevant biobehavioral research for the nursing profession. Our core provides essential resources and services to facilitate impactful research and training. 

With 6,840 square feet of dedicated research space, the BbRC is equipped with the necessary capacities to facilitate the collection, processing, and storage of biological human samples. We offer a range of essential equipment, including a level 2 biohood, a freezer (-80 degrees Celsius), and a refrigerator, allowing for the proper handling and preservation of samples such as blood, urine, saliva, and stool. Additionally, our core provides access to analytical equipment, such as a microplate reader and an automated liquid handler, as well as clinical equipment including spirometry, ECG, exhaled nitric oxide, and lipid profiler. These foundational resources are instrumental in supporting robust research endeavors. 

Furthermore, we have medium to large project spaces to support translational and behavioral research that includes access to dedicated exercise equipment.  Along with these spaces, we are proud to offer a virtual reality lab and a behavioral observation room equipped with a one-way mirror and audio/video capabilities, facilitating behavioral research studies. 

To further support the research community, the BbRC manages 40 individual workstations specifically designated for research faculty and staff actively working on grants. These workstations provide a productive environment for researchers to analyze data, prepare manuscripts, and engage in collaborative work. We also offer two conference rooms equipped with teleconference capabilities for seamless collaboration. Our core space also includes two participant interviewing rooms, which provide a comfortable and private environment for engaging with research participants. 

At the core, we recognize the importance of statistical support in conducting rigorous research. Through our collaboration with the School of Nursing, we offer access to a team of experienced biostatisticians led by Dr. Dieckmann. Our biostatistics team is dedicated to providing guidance throughout the research process, from proposal development to publication. They offer expertise in research design, statistical analysis, grant proposal development, data collection protocols, data management, manuscript preparation, and professional presentations. Their knowledge spans various statistical techniques, including latent growth models, mixed-effects models, complex (quasi) experimental design, psychometrics, meta-analysis, and statistical graphics. The biostatistics team assigns statistical analyses to analysts within the group, ensuring comprehensive support tailored to your research needs. 

We strive to create an inclusive and collaborative environment where researchers can thrive. By leveraging our foundational scientific capabilities and comprehensive support services, we aim to empower the nursing research community to make significant contributions to the field. Join us in advancing biobehavioral research in nursing and shaping the future of healthcare. 


Faculty and students are welcome to schedule a time to use the core facilities via Outlook or request access to our resources by contacting Kate Wildeck.