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In rare cases some students may be unable to meet these requirements due to medical conditions must have a written explanation from a health care provider.  Students who are unable to meet these requirements due to medical conditions must have a written explanation from a health care provider.  Students should make exemption requests to Mandi Andersen, Compliance Officer, at . Students not meeting the immunization requirements may be prevented from engaging in the clinical or practicum portion of their program.  For more information about the School of Nursing Policy go to the student catalog.  

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Causes of "non-compliance":

  • Many immunizations expire each year and are required to be updated annually. In addition, many immunization requirements are required in a series of tests or will require additional documentation when a test shows as positive. Students that have not updated their annual immunization requirements or have not completed a required immunization series can have their record flagged as "non-compliant".
  • Students can review the required immunization information provided by OHSU Student Health Services for more information about the required/missing items.
  • Students can complete missing immunization requirements by visiting the Student Health Office on their campus or seeing your doctor or nurse practitioner.
  • Many compliance requirements expire (like the BBP training) and must be updated annually. These are often modules in "Compass" that students need to review and provide a certificate of completion to show compliance with the item. Students can review all required compliance requirements and complete the required modules in Compass.
  • Leave of Absence: Some immunization or compliance items must be redone when students return from a Leave of Absence but before the requirement officially "expires". This is due to the interruption in the program that the leave causes and returning students should be checking their record in American Databank as they prepare to return to school in order to ensure all items are updated.
  • Expiring/Archived Accounts: Many students do not access their immunization or compliance records on a regular basis as this is not needed for daily use in their program. However, lack of use can trigger the system to "archive" the record. American Databank will notify users when their account may get archived due to lack of use. Students just need to log into their American Databank account at the following link: to review their record and update their account activity.
  • Change of Program/Entry term: Some programs have unique immunization/compliance requirements that are mandated due to clinical contract or campus location or new requirements are added by OHSU or clinical agencies mid-term. If students change their program of study, campus location, or entry term, they may have new requirements to complete that they did not have before. It is important that students log into their American Databank account to review their missing items and take action to follow up as needed.

Students often have questions about their immunization and compliance requirements, how to turn in their materials, or why their record has been flagged as non-compliant. Students can contact Mandi Andersen (Compliance Officer) for more information and assistance at or at 503-494-3855.

Any student that is receiving notifications from American Databank or OHSU administrators about being non-compliant with required immunization and compliance materials should follow up with the Compliance Officer immediately.