Our Services

The Office of Learning and Writing Support is free for OHSU nursing students and faculty. Our online resources are available to everyone; they offer helpful advice for writers and instructors on various topics. The Office of Learning & Writing Support provides individual student help and group work with students on any aspect of academic content (such as Pathophysiology and Pharmacology coursework), writing, and research. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Free one-to-one writing assistance for any writing and any class.
  • Individual content tutoring for Pharmacology and Pathophysiology courses.
  • Free handouts and guidance on APA citations, rhetorical analysis, visual design, writing in the health sciences and more.
  • Writing support for all students, including international students and non-native speakers.  
  • English conversation practice for any multilingual speakers affiliated with OHSU.
  • Referrals for additional learning support, test-taking strategies, time management and goal-setting services at OHSU.

Contact Us

In-person, online and telephone consultations are available by appointment. Portland students: drop-ins are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. We are located in SON 370 (across from the student lounge). 

Phone: 503-494-5340

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Faculty resources

Faculty Resources

The Office of Learning Support can consult with instructors about writing-related concerns:

  • Designing clear and effective writing assignments
  • Communicating with students about writing expectations
  • Incorporating writing activities into the classroom
  • Encouraging the development of stronger writing skills
  • Conducting writing workshops
  • Holding writing conferences with students
  • Responding to student writing
  • Developing strategies for working with writers whose first language is not English
  • Developing strategies for working with writers who have significant or unusual writing difficulties

Resources for AI writing tools

OHSU’s Teaching and Learning Center has published guidelines for promoting academic integrity in our current technological context, including Chat GPT and other open AI writing tools.  

Statement on Turn It In

Turnitin is an originality checker used by some courses and programs in the School of Nursing at OHSU.  Turnitin© is one of many forms of feedback that can enable writers to develop skills in source integration and citation, as well as help writers avoid plagiarism (plagiarism defined in the School of Nursing Catalog). When you submit work to Turnitin©, it is compared against web pages and student essays, as well as printed material like newspapers, magazines, and books. When Turnitin(c)© finds similarities, it generates an originality report. This does not necessarily equate to plagiarism but can be caused by shared sources or forgotten citations.

Statement on Turn It In 

What Students are Saying

Nursing student Douye Inaibo looks off-camera.

"The OHSU Learning and Writing Support has been my writing lifeline since I started using it in 2021. I have benefitted greatly from the writing center. With their assistance, I have learned how to put my ideas into writing when analyzing and synthesizing ideas from research articles. OHSU writing center has made me more effective and confident about my writing abilities. My writing has improved from a scale of 2/10 to an 8/10.  I am very confident to say that the OHSU writing center has strengthened and improved my writing skills. I like the feedback from the writing center tutors. The tutors are amazing, willing to help with any form of learning or writing, and their feedback is very constructive. Another resource provided by the OHSU Learning and Writing Center is the one-to-one session with the tutors via Zoom. I have felt nothing but increasing motivation in my academic journey with the OHSU writing center."
Douye V. Inaibo 
DNP-PMHNP, OHSU class of 2024 

Nursing student Andrea Ruiz smiles at the camera while holding school books.

“The OHSU writing center has been a lifesaver for me. I started using the writing center when I began my college education because I am an ESL student and also because I like to have someone to look at my writing besides a colleague.  With the OHSU writing center, I feel that my writing skills have been getting better thanks to the support I get from the writing tutors. I like the online part, the ability to interact with the tutors and be able to email assignments without having to meet face to face. Another thing I like is the feedback that the writing tutors provide; the feedback is very rich and helpful.  I think that a huge part of sharing your writing with another person is the ability to have and feel trust with the person that is going to read your writing because writing is very personal. I feel that with all the OHSU writing tutors that I have worked in the past have been amazing in building that trust and taking the time to get to know the students they are working with so students feel confident in sharing their writing.” 

Andrea Ruiz
OHSU SON Monmouth