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Oregon Nursing Education Academy

Focus to recruit, retain and educate nurse educators

The Oregon Nursing Education Academy (ONEA) is part of a national initiative to increase nurse educators as part of a larger effort to address the nursing shortage. The program aims to boost the number of clinical nursing faculty and preceptors — experienced nurses who mentor recently graduated nurses and nursing students in hospitals, clinics and other patient care settings. Read our most recent newsletter

Through the academy, OHSU aims to train 63 faculty and 92 preceptors from Oregon, Idaho, Washington and Alaska by the fall of 2026.

There are two arms of the program, both of which are primarily online:

  • The Clinical Nursing Faculty Scholar program is a scholarship to enter and complete the Master’s in Nursing Education (MNE) program with stipend travel support to attend a simulation intensive. The application for the Master’s in Nursing Education is available now. Please visit the MNE website to learn more about the program and the Master’s in Nursing application process. 
    • To receive the Clinical Nursing Faculty Scholarship, you must apply for the Master's in Nursing Education program as well as fill out a scholarship application. Access the scholarship application here
    • The application deadlines for both the scholarship and the MNE program are identical:
      • Priority: May 31
      • Final: July 5
    • The next cohort of our Master's in Nursing Education students begins in September 2024.
  • The Preceptor Scholar Program is a six-month program to enroll in two graduate nursing education courses. The preceptor pathway will expand learning beyond OHSU’s pre-existing preceptor training program, focusing on social determinants of health and clinical teaching.

The Preceptor Scholar Program application for the Spring 2024 cohort is now closed. The next cohort of Preceptor Scholars will start next March 2025. The application will be posted in the fall of 2024.

Both programs have stipends to attend the Oregon Consortium for Nursing Education (OCNE) annual spring faculty development conference. They also include monthly scholarly virtual meet-ups. 

Financial Assistance

All nurses who enroll in the academy will receive scholarships that cover all of the program’s tuition. 


In-state: Priority given to Baccalaureate-prepared nurses employed at OHSU Hospital, Salem Hospital & Clinics, Grande Ronde Hospital & Clinics, Sky Lakes Medical Center and Asante Health System. We are also welcoming any candidates across the state who are Baccalaureate-prepared nurses in Oregon working in a clinical setting.

Out-of-state: Baccalaureate-prepared nurses who reside in Washington, Idaho, Alaska and work in a clinical setting.

Funding Support

In the fall of 2022, the OHSU School of Nursing was awarded a grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration to recruit, retain and educate nurses in Oregon and in Health and Human Services Region 10 (Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Alaska) to serve as clinical nurse faculty and preceptors to increase the nursing workforce and improve health equity. 

An image of the Becoming a Preceptor document from the ONEA team
Download Becoming a Preceptor Pathway.
Download Becoming a Nurse Educator pathway
Download Becoming a Nurse Educator Pathway.

For more information contact:
Alanna Lowery

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