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Education Abroad

Mexico (Ashland Campus)

As part of a sister city exchange with Guanajuato University (UGTO), Ashland Campus students can apply to take a majority of their clinical placement hours in Population Based Care spring term in Guanajuato, Mexico. Students will subsequently host UGTO students during their OHSU SON experience on the Ashland Campus.
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Student Projects Abroad
Family-Integrated Health Education Poster
Childhood Obesity Poster
Adolescent Suicide Poster
Alcohol Consumption Poster

Group photo of students in Mexico

Nicaragua (Undergraduate Portland and RNBS)

-on hiatus until further notice

Opportunity to satisfy a majority of clinical hours for Integrative Practicum for RNBS and NRS 410 for spring terms for Portland Campus undergraduate students. This partnership with Jessie F. Richardson Foundation began in 2013 and they serve as our host in-country. Faculty lead a cohort of 8 students who participate in a 3-4 week placement in Jinotepe, Nicaragua, providing multi-generational support for underserved older adults. Spanish language study and local homestays are arranged to immerse students in this rich culture in a resource constrained country.

Jessie F. Richardson Foundation - the SON host for faculty-led clinicals in Nicaragua
Watch a video about the clinical opportunity in Nicaragua for RNBS students
Watch a video about our Fall cohort and their experiences in Nicaragua

Student Projects Abroad Peer support for diabetes prevention & management in Nicaragua
Music and Movement

Group photo of students in Nicaragua

Bangkok, Thailand (Portland, RNBS, La Grande, Monmouth, and Klamath Falls campuses)

In partnership with OHSU Global - SE Asia Initiative, opportunities for faculty and students to travel, teach and/or study in Thailand are available as part of an undergraduate course. Currently, a faculty-led cohort of students from four regional campuses will participate in a 4-week clinical experience in Thailand as part of their Integrative Practicum NRS424 course. This is a developing partnership that may provide more international opportunities in the future.

Program Flyer- Study Abroad- Thailand
RNBS Program Flyer- Study Abroad- Thailand

Student Projects Abroad
School Age Children's Health
Depression in Elderly
Immigrant Health
Teen Pregnancy
Learning Experience

Group photo of students in Bangkok, Thailand

Academic experiences abroad

Contact Maureen Moncada at for an application or more information.