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Group of Graduates

This year the OHSU School of Nursing has a number of graduation activities outlined below.  We will keep you posted on the events related to your graduation ceremonies throughout the year. (Photo to the right by: Terry Tuttle, photography)

OHSU School of Nursing has a number of graduation-related activities planned for the classes of 2022. Throughout winter and spring quarter, we will keep you posted on the events related to your graduation ceremonies. If you have questions, please contact us at 541-552-5833 /

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All non-nursing coursework must be completed by the end of Spring term, official transcript should be sent to the registrar. 

Application for degree

The OHSU Registrar's Office is now set up to allow students to apply for degree within your student information system. Students must apply to graduate through the student information system account. Log in to the Student Information System, SIS, click on Student Services tab, click on Student Records and then click on 'Apply to Graduate'.  This application should be completed and returned to the OHSU Registrar no later than 4/22/2022for Spring graduates. Summer 2022 graduates wishing to participate in the ceremony and/or have their information included in the program need to submit their applications no later than 7/22/2022

Students can check in Students Services / Degree Works to see if their Application for Degree has been received and processed. When processed, the Application for Degree field will be checked off. For further questions, please contact OHSU's Registrar's office at 503-494-7800.