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Earn your Doctor of Nursing Practice degree at the OHSU School of Nursing

We believe nurses change the world. The Doctor of Nursing Practice (D.N.P.) represents the highest degree in nursing practice. Graduates at OHSU receive additional preparation to expand their practice in breadth and depth. Coursework and mentorship facilitate leadership and practice-related scholarship and prepares leaders in a culture of innovation and inquiry.


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The OHSU D.N.P. graduate is ready for practice as an APRN in their specialty area.


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The OHSU D.N.P. graduate has a strong foundation in clinical and improvement science.


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The OHSU D.N.P. graduate looks to the future and embraces emerging models of healthcare.


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The OHSU D.N.P. graduate is prepared for growth in health care leadership in a variety of diverse settings.

D.N.P. specializations offered

For each specialty listed below, you can enter with a bachelor's degree in nursing and exit with a doctor of nursing practice (D.N.P.) degree. The D.N.P. curriculum is 3 years of full-time coursework.  

Post Masters D.N.P.
The Post Master’s Doctor of Nursing Practice (D.N.P.) program is designed to prepare leaders to drive the application of evidence to promote excellence in nursing practice and health care. As a practice-focused doctoral program, innovation and inquiry are central to graduating D.N.P. -nurses prepared in leadership to identify, develop, and evaluate solutions to the most troubling challenges found in clinical practice and health care. In addition to the MN degree and specialty competencies, D.N.P. graduates are expected to meet D.N.P. program competencies.

Ph.D. or D.N.P.?

The American Association of Colleges of Nursing provides fact sheets, toolkits and white papers on the D.N.P. as well as the research-focused Ph.D.  

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Nursing Education Xchange

Are you looking for a unique course not available at your institution? The Nursing Education Xchange (NEXus) has options for you. As an OHSU student, you can access over 250 courses through the NEXus Course Xchange annually. Students work with faculty advisors to identify the course/s that best fits their needs. You can take courses from expert faculty nationwide, expand your network, and collaborate with colleagues.