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OHSU School of Nursing (SON) is a community that welcomes and celebrates all cultures. Faculty collaborate with international partners on research. Coursework is infused with a global consciousness. Students and faculty cross borders to study, teach, work and serve.

SON Global reflects OHSU School of Nursing's global vision and introduces the community to current and developing international opportunities. The program assists faculty, students, the OHSU community, visitors, alumni, international researchers and scholars, and all our current and prospective partners and colleagues worldwide to access internationally focused resources and opportunities.

Global partnerships

SON Global has developed partnerships with universities and colleges worldwide to facilitate the exchange of SON faculty to consult and instruct abroad. Faculty, students and practitioners from partnering universities and colleges are also welcome to visit the SON through the Visiting Scholars Program. The SON study abroad program will enhance and enrich these partnerships through international service learning for SON students.

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Visiting scholars 

The Visiting Scholars program provides an opportunity for faculty and/or students enrolled in a university outside of the United States to further their research or educational experience with a short-term visit to the School of Nursing.

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SON Global works directly with SON Visiting Scholars, faculty exchanges, and study/service abroad programs under the direction of Dr. Karen Reifenstein, Senior Associate Dean for Student Affairs & Diversity.

For more information contact:
Johanna Karnes, BSc, Executive Specialist
3455 SW US Veterans Hospital Road, SN-ADM
Portland, OR 97239