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00 - General Academic Information & Reference to OHSU Related Policies


OHSU Policy- Background Check

02 - Clinical Education

20-02.01 Clinical Education Agency Selection, Contracting & Evaluations

20-02.02 Supervision of Students in Agencies APRN

20-02.03 CTA/Preceptor Selection & Program Orientation


Doctoral-Level Program Benchmarks (20-04.09)

Admission, Progression, Probation & Dismissal Standards (20-04.13)

Commencement Participation (20-04.20)

Student Code of Conduct & Student Grievance (20-04.22)

05-Course Administration

Course Delivery and Size Parameters (20-05.02)

Reading and Conference Courses (20-05.07)

Conflict of Interest and Student Clinical Experiences (20-05.10)

Syllabus Requirements (20-05.12)

06-Program Administration

Course Number assignment Procedure (20-06.03)

Non-matriculated Student Enrollment and Compliance (20-06.07)

Academic Program Initiation, Review, Reduction, or Closure (20-06.20)

All clinical policies related to students in academic programs are now located under Academic Policies (20) of this page.

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00 - General Research Information & Reference to OHSU Related Policies

Research in the School of Nursing is conducted under the auspices of policies and procedures governing research at OHSU. School of Nursing investigators must adhere to all institutional policies.

The OHSU document entitled "Roles and Responsibilities in the Proper Conduct and Administration of Sponsored Research Projects" outlines lines of authority for the conduct of research within the University and an analysis of the roles and responsibilities of each unit that performs research.

Updated Versions Coming Soon

The text of the full document

The OHSU Research and Development Administration provides links to all research related policies

00-General Student Affairs Information & Reference to OHSU Related Policies

01 - Student Compliance

50-01.15 - Student Compliance & Drug Screening

Other policy information

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