School of Nursing

Student Inclusion and Success Coordinators

The role of Student Inclusion & Success Coordinators at the School of Nursing is integral to the academic mission. Their primary responsibility is recruiting and retaining underrepresented and disadvantaged students while fostering a welcoming and inclusive campus environment. The Student Inclusion and Success Centers (SISCs) play a crucial role in guiding and supporting current and prospective students, aiming to foster diversity in the student community and the healthcare workforce. They work closely with OHSU and other community partners to create an inclusive and welcoming campus environment.

Each School of Nursing campus has a dedicated Student Inclusion & Success Coordinator to assist you. Please feel free to contact them using the information provided below: 

Brandon McCowan, Ashland Campus

Adrianna Marlen, Monmouth and Portland Campuses

Francis Rojina, Klamath Falls Campus

Lisa Snyder, La Grande Campus