School of Nursing

Uniform and Dress Code Requirements

Smiling nurse in scrubs at hospital

It is expected that all students will maintain a neat and well-groomed appearance that is congruent with a professional culture and "contributes to the patient and family experience of an orderly, clean, safe and professional atmosphere for care". Uniforms are required for patient care; each clinical agency has specific requirements noted in their personnel appearance policy. Faculty may specify circumstances where nice street clothes may be worn with a lab coat when students are not giving direct care in the clinical agency. Uniforms are required in the simulation center. Students may wear street clothes and a lab coat in the lab when not involved in simulations. No jeans, short skirts, or sandals are allowed in the clinical agencies or lab.

Most agency personal appearance policies have similar requirements. Hair should be neat and off the collars when in the clinical agencies and men's beards and mustaches neatly trimmed. Dangling jewelry and loop earrings larger than a dime are not to be worn in direct patient contact areas. All other body piercing should be covered with clothing or left without jewelry. Tattoos should be covered if possible. Many agencies have additional requirements that limit artificial nails and the use of body fragrances. For all OHSU clinical sites, the dress code requirements are noted in the personal appearance policy Adm 07.08 and can be found on the OHSU ozone at

Students are required to have full scrubs, a name badge, and a watch with a second's indicator. Footwear must be clean with closed toes and heels. White and leather are preferred, but solid color athletic shoes with discreet trim may be worn. Other neutral shoe colors such as, tan, brown, gray or black are also acceptable. Socks or stockings must be worn.

During cold weather months, students are permitted to wear white t-shirts or turtlenecks under scrub tops or a white vest over the scrub top for warmth.

Each campus varies as to the color of the uniform required and where they might be purchased. In Portland and Monmouth, the uniform is dark green (may also be called hunter, forest or spruce green). 

The following places (among others) carry the correct color of uniform for the Portland campus:


    Equipment needed

    • Blood Pressure Cuff  Stethoscope—Recommended: Littman Classic II, Littman Master Classic for hard of hearing/cardiology (needed first week of the term in Clinical) 
    • Thermometer and covers 
    • Hemostat
    • Bandage scissors 
    • Pen light