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School of Nursing Admission Requirements

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The School of Nursing offers 18 program pathways at the undergraduate and graduate levels. We have various courses and program pathways available to fit your needs. We also offer multiple online programs. Each of our programs has different eligibility criteria and prerequisite requirements. We have created application instructions containing each program's specific eligibility and prerequisite coursework information below.

Undergraduate admissions information

Can I have my transcripts evaluated by the Admissions Office?
Due to our high volume of applicants, we cannot provide individual transcript evaluations. If you have questions or concerns about specific courses, please email Please include your course descriptions, course code, names of institutions they were taken at, and which prerequisites you would like them to fulfill.

Where do I send my transcripts?
All applicants need to send transcripts directly from their college to Nursing CAS. Any transcripts sent to the OHSU Admissions Office while applications are open will not be accepted. View instructions on how to send your transcripts to NCAS.

Where can I find a list of prerequisite requirements?
You can review each program’s list of prerequisites by expanding the list above, titled "Admission requirements and application instructions by program".

Does the OHSU School of Nursing accept online courses/ labs?
We will accept online courses/ labs as long as they are from a regionally-accredited institution. They must cover all topics listed in our example course descriptions on the application instructions page.

How do I upload my prerequisite course descriptions to my application?
All applicants must copy and paste their prerequisite course descriptions from the course syllabus or catalog to the Nursing CAS application in the questions section.

What if my Anatomy and Physiology series includes two classes instead of three?
If you completed the full Anatomy and Physiology series, it should suffice. Some institutions offer the series in three parts (quarters), and some only offer two (semesters). If you are unsure if your series will work, please email the course descriptions.

If I have retaken Anatomy and Physiology, which grade will you use in the GPA calculation?
A&P courses can only be taken twice in the last seven years. If you have taken the class more than two times in the previous seven years, your second course grade will be used. 

Can I retake the course if I have a prerequisite with a grade lower than what OHSU requires?
OHSU considers grades taken through the fall term of each application year. For a retaken grade to be considered, it must be completed by the end of the fall term. This applies to the 3-year program, Accelerated Bachelor, and Accelerated Bachelor to Graduate programs. Contact the Admissions Office for specific questions about your coursework or situation.

Can I submit letters of recommendation or a resume with my application?
No. For the Accelerated Bachelor’s and 3-year Bachelor’s programs, we will not review or consider any letters of recommendation or résumés. For a list of application requirements, please view our application instructions by program from this page.

How do admissions interviews work?
Our undergraduate programs (excluding the RN to BS program) interview a select number of applicants each year. Interviews will take place via Kira Talent using an asynchronous assessment. You will be asked to submit a timed video and written responses to questions that the OHSU School of Nursing has pre-recorded. 

When will I hear of an admissions decision?
After applications are due, all applications are processed and reviewed. Once a review of applications is completed, interview invitations will be sent out. All applicants will be notified of a final admission decision a few weeks after the interviews. 

Graduate admissions information

Does the Admissions Office complete transcript evaluations for prospective students?
Due to our high volume of applicants, we cannot provide individual transcript evaluations. If you have questions or concerns regarding specific courses, email 

Can I submit my Nursing CAS application before my transcripts arrive?
We require transcripts from every college-level institution you have attended for all nursing program applications. If your transcripts are in transit to Nursing CAS, you can submit your application even if they have not arrived. Do not delay sending your transcripts. It can take Nursing CAS several weeks to process and verify transcripts.

Can I apply to a graduate program while completing my bachelor's in nursing? Yes, but you must complete your bachelor's in nursing by the time our graduate program begins. (Please note: Some of our graduate programs have a work experience requirement.)

Can I apply to a graduate nursing program with an associate degree in nursing?
A bachelor's in nursing is required for all our graduate programs. If you have an associate degree in nursing, check out our RN to BS program.

What level of a statistics course is required?
Most of our graduate applications require statistics within the last five years. We accept college-level statistics courses. If you have a system in question, email the course description to Request a statistics time limit waiver using the form from our Steps to Apply section.

Can I apply to multiple graduate specialties?
The admissions committee likes to see that you clearly understand and commit to the specialty you are applying to. You are not recommended to apply to multiple things within the same year.

Are test scores required for my application?
OHSU does not require test scores for graduate applications. International students must take the TOEFL exam. Please view our international applications section for more information on these requirements.

Do my letters of reference have to be from an academic source, supervisor, and a colleague?
If you cannot get a reference from one of the categories above, you can submit two references from the same category. For example, two supervisors and one colleague.

When will I hear if I receive an interview?
Programs try to give at least two weeks' notice to interviewees. All official decisions are sent out about two weeks after the final interview date. We do not email those not selected for interviews because we often fill interview spots as they become available. Please view our current interview dates to plan for the possibility. 

Prerequisite equivalency guide

Below are prerequisite coursework equivalency guides for Oregon and Washington. These guides list the courses offered at public community colleges and state universities that meet the School of Nursing's requirements. Private institutions are not listed. But courses from private institutions can fill these requirements. It is important to remember these are only guides. We strive to maintain current information, but course descriptions can change without notice. We encourage students to review the catalog course descriptions of their completed coursework and the guides to ensure proper subject coverage. 

Oregon Equivalency Guide
Washington Equivalency Guide

To view non-nursing requirements, go to the Programs of Study page and click the requirements link under the program of your choice.

Prospective international students should visit our International Applicants section for specific information. 

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