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RN to BS Online Frequently Asked Questions

General program information

Our program is 100% online. We have no mandatory face-to-face on-site clinicals. Some courses have small group projects, but students must schedule group meetings.

Yes. Our academic advisor will work with you to create an individualized program of study that meets your needs. With many enrollment dates, you can choose when to start, and how many classes you want to take in each term. You have five years to complete the required credits from when you enrolled.

Our CCNE-accredited RN to BS program helps you transition from skill-based competencies to

  • understanding health policy
  • evidence-based nursing practice
  • population and global health
  • nursing leadership. 

You will develop the skills necessary to make complex decisions that improve patient outcomes. Our online program monitors industry trends and adapts to the changing health care environment. You will gain confidence and leadership expertise to deliver patient care in a range of settings and be prepared to address future challenges in health care. 

Learn more about each course or explore the program of study.

Yes. Our online nursing program can give you the flexibility you need to earn your degree. Due dates and assignments help keep you on track but you can complete coursework when it's best for you. 

Only you can decide how much you can work based on your credit load and other life commitments. For every 3-credit course, plan to spend nine hours a week on coursework. 

  • In our full-time track, you will take 9-12 credits a term; allow 27-36 hours for schoolwork each week.
  • In the part-time track, you average six credits a term; allow 18 hours for schoolwork each week. 

We suggest starting with two classes in the first term and seeing how that goes, especially if you are doing a nurse residency. Your academic advisor can help you add more credits in the following term if you choose.

Prerequisites and program requirements

No. Students can apply while still in an associate degree program. 

There are no requirements for foreign language credits for our program.

Some schools use semesters, while others, like OHSU, use quarters. When looking at credit hours, 1 semester hour equals 1.5 quarter hours. So, 120 semester credits are the same as 180 quarter credits, which is required for a bachelor’s degree in the US.

The bulk of your credits will be in your core nursing courses, which will also be where you spend the most money. So, comparing required nursing credits to the cost per credit is best. Don’t forget to add in extra fees other schools may charge.

There is no real difference. Students must have 120 semester credits or 180 quarter credits to receive a bachelor's degree in the US. 

When comparing programs, review the specific graduation requirements carefully. Schools decide how many of those credits need to be upper division and where they need to come from (nursing, non-nursing, or both). On average, online RN to BS programs need 30-45 credits in core nursing credits. Most need an extra 6-18 upper division credits.  

No. If the course meets our transfer criteria and you hold an active RN license there are no time limits on transfer credits. This includes A & P, Nutrition, and Microbiology coursework. To determine your transfer equivalency, review your prerequisite courses with our admission advisor. 

Yes. Since our program is 100% online, you can live anywhere with internet access. Your tuition rate will stay the same since we do not charge more for out-of-state residency.

Students matriculating into academic programs that are 100% online, as determined by the Office of the Provost, are not required to provide pre-entrance immunization records. 

RN to BS students need only complete a background check, a drug screen, and the required OHSU Compass modules.

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