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Sunday, June 5, 2022

Graduation Checklist    

The OHSU School of Nursing has created a Graduation Checklist for 2022 for graduates to refer to during the months preceding convocation. This checklist outlines the items students will need to complete, including the application for degree, convocation RSVP, ordering your cap &gown (plus hood for MN, DNP, and PhD), dates for class photos, etc. Graduates are strongly encouraged to review this document to ensure all appropriate steps have been taken and all necessary paperwork has been submitted. 

The OHSU Registrar's Office is now set up to allow students to apply for degree within your student information system. Students must apply to graduate through the student information system account. Log in to the Student Information System, SIS, click on Student Services tab, click on Student Records and then click on 'Apply to Graduate'. 

This application should be completed and returned to the OHSU Registrar no later than April 16th 2022 for Spring graduates. If you apply for degree after this deadline of April 16, 2021, it’s very possible your name will NOT get submitted into the official graduation program booklet in June. Don’t miss the deadline!

Students can check in Students Services / Degree Works to see if their Application for Degree has been received and processed. When processed, the Application for Degree field will be checked off. For further questions, please contact OHSU's Registrar's office at 503-494-7800.

Quick Guide: How to Apply to Graduate Online

Graduation announcements will be available for purchase through Herff Jones in March 2022. Personalized OHSU Graduation Announcements may be purchased separately or in conjunction with cap/gown/announcement packages.

Regalia is not required of all student graduates and faculty participating in the OHSU School of Nursing convocation ceremony. If students wish to order regalia, you may purchase from OHSU’s preferred vendor Herff Jones. Click the hyperlink titled: Order Information. A home shipment and fee is required as the only option for delivery in spring 2022

Order information-  Select "Order a Cap and Gown" for students

Regalia Order deadline is TBD

Cost to purchase keeper-style Regalia:

  • Cap and Gown (B.S.) is $ 27.95
  • Cap, Gown and Hood (Masters) $ 57.95
  • Cap, Gown and Hood (Doctoral) $ 79.95

NOTE! The cost of home shipping regalia is $15.95.

Items will ship on May 20, 2022 and will be delivered by May 26, 2022. This is the only option to retrieve your purchased regalia in 2022.

All gowns and hoods are keeper-style and do not need to be returned to Royal T. Students keep the caps or tams and the degree tassel with the custom OHSU tassel signet.

nursing pin_graduation.jpg


For purchasing your nursing pins, you’ll pre-purchase your nursing pin with our preferred vendor at Herff Jones at:


Click “Order Cap and Gown”. Then, in the drop down menu select “Nursing Pins” (do not select School of Nursing”) if you are attempting to purchase a pin.

Ordering Deadline: TBD

Latin honors are Latin phrases used to indicate the level of academic distinction with which an academic degree is earned. Individual institutions delineate specific requirements that must be met to obtain these honors. Most institutions confer three levels of Latin honors:

  • Cum Laude "with honor / praise": 3.80 - 3.89
  • Magna Cum Laude "with great honor / praise": 3.90 - 3.99
  • Summa Cum Laude "with highest honor / praise": 4.0

Honor distinctions are bestowed upon Baccalaureate graduates at the OHSU School of Nursing. This honor is based on the cumulative grade point average for nursing courses through the term prior to program degree completion. It is important to note that Latin honors for Accelerated Baccalaureate students are awarded honor cords at the time of program degree completion.

Graduating students sometimes have questions about the $60 Graduation Fee. That $60 is charged by and applied towards the OHSU Registrar’s Office. The OHSU Registrar’s Office uses the $60 for your individual application for degree processing, your diploma etc. It does not apply towards the School of Nursing nor does the School of Nursing charge students for graduation activities in the associated fees. If you have any questions about your graduation application, records or the fee – you should contact the OHSU Registrars Office at 503-494-7800