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Steps to Apply

Application deadlines

  • Applications open in late summer/early fall and application deadlines can be found on our application deadlines page.  All materials must be submitted by the identified deadline.
  • The OHSU School of Nursing uses an independent organization that processes applications called the Nursing Centralized Application Service (NCAS). 
  • Applicants will need to review their specified application instructions and submit all materials for the NCAS application by the identified deadlines.

Steps to apply

1- Applying to OHSU School of Nursing:

  • Review and follow the specific application instructions for the program to which you are applying. 
  • Review the application deadlines for your specific program. Please note that Nursing CAS can take up to 4 weeks to verify applications
  • International Applicants review additional information for applying here.
  • Create your Nursing CAS account. OHSU uses Nursing CAS, a third party application service to collect applications and transcripts. Please note: all official transcripts from every institution ever attended must be sent directly to Nursing CAS either electronically or via the mail. This includes but is not limited to transcripts from any prior degree(s), prerequisites, miscellaneous courses, and international transcripts. Transcripts sent directly to OHSU for School of Nursing applications will not be considered. If you opt for professional transcript entry by Nursing CAS please note that this process will not happen until your application is submitted.

2- Review the interview dates

3- Submit additional forms as needed:

(Please see application instructions for required forms)

  • Time Limit Waiver Form (All Programs) for those requesting a time limit waiver for either our 7 year science prerequisite requirement (Accbacc, Accbacc to Grad, and 3 year programs) or our 5 year statistics requirement for applicable graduate programs. 

4- Submit your Nursing CAS application

Remember to submit by 8:59 p.m. PST (11:59 p.m. EST) on the identified deadline date. The cost to apply is $60.00 for an undergraduate program application and $80.00 for a graduate program application. Please note: the Accelerated Bachelors to Graduate programs are considered a graduate application. Application fee waivers are available through Nursing CAS! For more information please visit their fee assistance page

5- Familiarize yourself with compliance requirements

All OHSU School of Nursing students and incoming students are required to provide documentation regarding the completion of their immunization and compliance records as identified in the Student Compliance and Drug Screening policy 50-01.15 and the OHSU Student Health Service pre-entry guidelines policy 02-01.001. All requirements are outlined here. You will receive additional compliance instructions upon admission to an OHSU program. 

OHSU employees

It is the responsibility of OHSU employees seeking to pursue individual courses for academic credit or an academic degree or certificate within OHSU to notify the academic program of their employment status prior to registering or accepting admissions to ensure the activity does not impact their work schedule and to minimize potential conflicts of interest.

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Financial aid

OHSU recognizes that students and their families may have difficulty financing post-secondary education. To ensure that all qualified students have an opportunity to attend OHSU, the university provides financial assistance through the Registrar and Financial Aid offices.