School of Nursing

School of Nursing Faculty Certifications

The School of Nursing is honored to acknowledge the extra lengths our faculty go to in order to achieve industry certifications and achievements. This page identifies the faculty certified in Simulation Education, Nursing Education and as a Quality Matters Reviewer

Certified in Simulation Education

Quality Matters (QM) certified

According to the Quality Matters website, “having QM experts on staff can serve to create a culture of commitment to quality assurance and continuous improvement in online and hybrid learning.”

The QM Team Chair requires advanced certification. The role of the QM Team Chair is integral to managing the entire review process and coaching peers to ensure helpful recommendations for course improvements (QM Website: MRC Certification). Team chairs at the School of Nursing include Joanne Noone, Graciela Vidal, and Zoe Speidel. 

QM-certified peer reviewers collaborate with colleagues (from around the country) as part of a course review team. This role provides important feedback on how a course can be improved to meet QM Standards.