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Office of the Senior Associate Dean for Research

Welcome to the Office of the Senior Associate Dean for Research at the OHSU School of Nursing. Our purpose is to drive excellence and innovation in nursing research and scholarship by fostering a vibrant research community and providing opportunities and resources for researchers and scholars across the school. 

As the Office of the Senior Associate Dean for Research, our primary responsibility is to oversee the school's mission through strategic management, collaboration, and mentorship. We manage internal funding opportunities that align with research priorities and enhance the research infrastructure, providing access to cutting-edge tools and technologies for our researchers. 

One of our key initiatives is the management of the Biobehavioral Research Core, which supports interdisciplinary research projects. We also prioritize the growth of early career faculty, offering guidance and opportunities for their research success. Additionally, we provide robust support and mentorship for the Ph.D. Program and its students, nurturing the next generation of nursing scientists. 

Collaboration is central to our approach. We actively seek partnerships with community organizations and stakeholders to enhance the impact and relevance of our research. Our research forums and lectures serve as platforms for knowledge sharing, dialogue, and interdisciplinary collaboration. 

Engaging with research stakeholders and funders is a top priority. We advocate for nursing science in local and national research communities, securing resources to support our goals. We also strive to diversify the nursing science field by ensuring diverse voices and perspectives are included in our research endeavors. 

Through strategic management, collaboration, mentorship, and resource facilitation, we empower our researchers and scholars to advance nursing science and make a lasting impact on healthcare. Join us as we chart new frontiers in research and drive positive change in the world of nursing. 

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Hector Olvera Alvarez
Senior Associate Dean for Research

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Kate Wildeck
Executive Specialist