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Self-Massage and Acupressure

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View videos and documents for self-guided instruction on massage and acupressure using the links below. For more wellness resources, including content on emotional resilience, parenting, and mindfulness, see the Wellness Resources page. View our Mindfulness page for information and tips on starting a mindfulness practice, as well as mindfulness and meditation resources. 

For a full list of resources and programming visit the Wellness page.

Massage and acupressure videos

These videos are from Susannah Skye, LMT, and recorded for OHSU students and postdocs. These are for your informational and enjoyment purposes only and are not meant to constitute medical advice or treatment.

Self-acupressure refers to applying pressure with your finger or hand to acupuncture points on your own body. It is often recommended by acupuncturists to extend the effects of treatment and to engage and empower patients in their healing.

Typically, during an acupuncture session, there are several "active" points that are discovered. These can manifest as an achy or ticklish feeling, or create a deeply relaxing sensation when palpated. We are able to release or relax, these active points with acupuncture or acupressure performed by the practitioner, or one can do it themselves with self-acupressure to potentially decrease discomfort and increase a generalized sense of wellbeing.

These self-acupressure videos and handouts have been created by Roger Batchelor, DAOM. Content and theories are shared from the lens of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and have not necessarily been studied in research or backed by conventionally evidence-based standards. These are for your information and enjoyment only and are not meant to be medical advice or recommendations.

Self-Acupressure by Region

Massage and Acupuncture at SHW

Student Health and Wellness also offers massage and acupuncture services for students. 


  • OHSU students are eligible for 1 free 45-minute massage with our massage therapist, Laurie Shepard, LMT. Laurie will be providing massages on Thursdays 2:30-6:30 p.m. and Fridays 12:30-4:30 p.m.
  • Visit our Integrative Medicine page for more information or call Student Health and Wellness at 503-494-8665


  • At Student Health, acupuncture services are available to help you manage stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, pain, digestive disorders, headaches, gynecological concerns, and many other health issues. Our acupuncture services are integrated into our primary care department so that each patient receives the best of both allopathic/Western Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • Find more information on cost or how to schedule visit our Integrative Medicine page or call us at 503-494-8665.