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The National Academy of Science recently reported that mentorship of our learners is critical to their success. Successful mentorship promotes learners’ identity development and confidence as a professional, creates a climate of inclusion, and helps learners navigate the culture of their discipline and department. Mentorship skills which support these outcomes can be learned and improved.

The OHSU Mentorship Academy provides training for faculty from across the institution to develop mentoring competencies. The competencies are divided into seven modules and are based on CIMER’s Entering Mentoring curricula which was designed to address the new NIGMS guidelines regarding the preparation of mentors involved in training grants. These guidelines state that participating faculty must receive training in effective, evidence-informed teaching and mentoring practices. The seven modules our Mentorship Academy offer are:

  • Module 1: Introduction + Maintaining Effective Communication
  • Module 2: Aligning Expectations
  • Module 3: Assessing Understanding
  • Module 4: Addressing Equity and Inclusion
  • Module 5: Fostering Independence
  • Module 6: Promoting Professional Development
  • Module 7: Articulating Your Mentoring Philosophy and Plan + Wrap-Up

Module 1 is 120 minutes and Modules 2-7 are 90 minutes in length.

There will be light homework for some of the modules (a short article to read or a quick revision to make to the working document of your mentorship philosophy).

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In addition to meeting the requirements for submitting training grants, Mentorship Academy graduates:

  • Will have a toolbox of strategies they can use in typical and more difficult mentoring situations
  • Will have a stronger sense of how their peers at OHSU approach mentorship
  • Will have reflected on their approach to mentorship and written or revised a statement of Mentorship Philosophy and/or a Mentoring Compact
  • Will receive an OHSU Mentorship Academy Certified badge to add to their website if desired
  • Will have the opportunity to join an upcoming cohort of Mentorship Academy facilitators

The Mentorship Academy’s inaugural year is 2020-2021. The first year we are focusing on training faculty who mentor learners in research in the Schools of Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry, Public Health, and the College of Pharmacy.

Registration is through Compass. Search “Mentorship Academy” for modules and if sessions are full please add yourself to the waitlist so we can gauge interest.

Before you register, please note you can choose to complete all of the modules in an intensive if you prefer (offered in summer 2021). From Sept 2020-May 2021 modules will be offered individually. You cannot easily combine the two approaches, so please determine which you prefer up front. If you choose to do the individual modules during the academic year, please start with Module 1 and then the rest in any order as long as you end with Module 7. Because trainings are limited to 12 attendees, if you cannot attend please let us know so someone else can attend in your place.  Ideally if you start with Module 1 in the Sept/Oct 2020 you will complete the series by May 2021.

Module flowchart for Mentorship Academy

Answer: We intend to expand the audience to all other faculty, postdocs, and staff who mentor learners and peers as we are able, hopefully in late 2021.  We will be evaluating how to best teach mentoring competencies within the research context and in the broader university context.

Answer: We are not able to offer a training facilitated by OHSU personnel during the inaugural year for mentees, but we encourage learners and anyone who wants to learn more about being a mentee to spend 90 minutes watching the webinar “Cultivating Your Network of Mentors, Sponsors, and Collaborators” on the NCFDD website.

Answer: Yes! Due to Covid-19 prompting many of us to work remotely for the foreseeable future, all trainings are going to be offered via WebEx. Whenever we return to in-person work we would like to offer at least one remote option/year if there is demand.

Answer: You can email with questions. The trainings are currently being coordinated through the Office of Educational Improvement and Innovation.

Answer: Please email to request a list of which modules you have completed.