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In addition to federal student aid, students enrolled at the OHSU School of Nursing are encouraged to apply for both internal and external scholarship awards. Last year over 150 students received a scholarship or grant award to help support their nursing education. Typical awards range from $3,000 - $6,000 per individual for the academic year. As scholarship deadlines and criteria vary, please check back often for updates and deadlines.

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Scholarship options for new and current nursing students

Institutional scholarship opportunities

SON Institutional Scholarship Application

Through donor giving, the School of Nursing offers institutional scholarships to nursing students who meet various academic, financial, diverse, regional, and program criteria.  All incoming and current students can submit a completed OHSU SON scholarship application as well as the FAFSA application each year to be considered for these internal SoN awards.

  • Applications are now open.
  • Apply here
  • Priority deadline: March 31st

President's scholarship

Designed to support nursing students who have experienced significant disadvantage or adversity, are from a rural or educationally underserved area or are underrepresented in nursing.

  • Applications are closed

Scholars for a Healthy Oregon

Designed for students matriculating into the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) in: Adult Gerontology/Acute Care Nurse Practitioner, Family Nurse Practitioner, Nurse
Anesthesia, Nurse Midwifery, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner or Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. SHOI provides full tuition and applicable fees for students who agree to practice as a healthcare practitioner in a rural or underserved community in Oregon for a minimum of one year longer than the total years of funding received.

The Michaelson Gerontological Nursing Scholarship

The goal of this scholarship is to prepare advanced practice nurses and nurse educators with the enhanced knowledge needed to address the complex health care needs of older adults. This scholarship provides support for students enrolled in the Master of Nursing programs at Oregon Health & Science University School of Nursing who are committed to the health and health care needs of older adults. Up to $5000 will be awarded to approximately three qualified students for the 2018-2019 year.

  • Applications are currently closed.

The Hearst Endowed Scholarship

The goal of The Hearst Foundations' scholarship is to prepare advanced practice nurses whose focus is on the health and health care of older adults. This scholarship provides funding for students enrolled in Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) programs at Oregon Health & Science University's School of Nursing and whose focus is on gerontological advanced practice nursing. These include the Family Nurse Practitioner, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, and Adult Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner programs. Up to $15,000 will be awarded to approximately two qualified applicants.

  • Applications are currently closed.

Carol Howe Endowed Scholarship in Nurse Midwifery

Carol Howe, DNSc, CNM, FACNM developed the first nurse-midwifery education program and faculty practice in Oregon. Dr. Howe is an advocate who has advanced nurse-midwifery locally, and nationally, creating a legacy of highly trained and skilled clinicians in her field. This scholarship supports nurse-midwifery student education and practice, enabling students to continue Dr. Howe's legacy.

The first-annual scholarship of $5,000.00 will be awarded for the 2018-2019academic year with the funding divided over fall, winter, and spring terms.

  • Application is currently closed

PhD funding opportunity

All early applications to the PhD program will be given full consideration for an award to cover their tuition, fees and a monthly stipend for the first two years of the program. 

Dean’s scholarship for faculty graduate education

  • Applications are currently closed.

Educational grant funds for graduate students

Educational grants are provided by a number of non-profit and governmental organizations in order to provide financial support for students in key populations critical to providing primary care in key regions or with targeted populations.  These funds are available on a limited basis and may have specific qualifications or requirements that recipients must comply with in order to be eligible.  Please see the following list below for the current educational grants that are available to students in our graduate and undergraduate programs.

    Advancing health equity through student empowerment and professional success 2.0 (HealthE STEPS 2.0) for graduate students

    Funds will provide partial support of educational expenses for educationally and economically disadvantaged graduate students, including underrepresented minorities, each year. Funds can be up to $4,750 per year

    • Applications are currently closed 

    The rural health track

    The Rural Health Track is a rural practice focused option within the OHSU School of Nursing Doctor of Nursing Practice Program. It is designed to prepare expert rural advanced practice nurses and leaders needed to improve health and health care outcomes of rural communities.

    • Applications are currently closed.

    Nurse anesthesia grant

    Designed to provide additional funding and scholarship support to incoming and current nurse anesthesia students.

    • Funds are allocated each year by the program director to eligible students.

    Nurse faculty loan program (NFLP) 

    Designed to prepare qualified nurse educators to fill faculty vacancies and increase the number of nurses entering the workforce by supporting Schools of Nursing that prepare graduates to serve as faculty. Eligible students at OHSU SON include those in the Ph.D., D.N.P., and M.N.E. programs. OHSU makes loans available to students enrolled in these programs, and requires students to complete specific nursing education courses as part of their program.  Following graduation, the NFLP offers partial loan cancellation (up to 85%) for graduates who serve as full-time or part-time nursing faculty at an accredited SON

    • Application is sent to qualified individuals each year.

    Educational grant funds for undergraduate students

    Scholarships for disadvantaged students (SDS)

    Funds will provide partial support of tuition and fees for educationally and economically disadvantaged BS and ABS students, including underrepresented minorities, across our five campuses each year. 

    Advancing Health Equity through Student Empowerment & Professional Success 2.0 (HealthE STEPS 2.0)

    Funds will provide partial support of tuition and fees for educationally and economically disadvantaged BS and ABS students, including underrepresented minorities, across our five campuses each year. Awards can be up to $4,750 per year.

    • Application is currently closed.

    Federal financial aid

    All students are encouraged to complete the free application for Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA) as part of applying for institutional scholarship and grant awards.  Review more information on the FAFSA website.

    NINR Graduate Partnership Training Program in Biobehavioral Research

    • Deadline: April 15
    • Requirements: Students must be accepted by both the NIH and the OHSU School of Nursing
    • Amount: Funding for tuition, fees, stipend and travel.

    Renew Scholarship

    The School of Nursing has received funding for 4 years through HRSA to support expansion of the FNP and PMHNP programs in rural areas and in urban underserved areas of the state.  Each year for the four years of the grant there will be about 15 scholarships of approximately $20,000 available for FNP and PMHNP DNP students only..

    Apply here
    Application deadline: April 30, 2019

    Emergency loan

    • Deadline: Rolling
    • Requirements: For undergraduate students only. Offers 0% interest rate.
    • Application information: Contact the Registrar's office, 503 494-7800.

    Evalee C. Schwarz charitable trust for education loan

    • Deadline: June
    • Amount: 5,000-$15,000
    • Requirements: Interest free loan for undergraduate or graduate students with exceptional academic performance and signification financial need.
    • Application information

    Harding loan

    • Deadline: Rolling
    • Amount: up to $850 per term
    • Requirements: For current students needing additional assistance not provided by financial aid. These loans carry a 5% fixed interest rate which begins at the time of the loan. The loans come due 3 months after graduation. Only available to students who are not fully funded through financial aid.
    • Application information

    Federal loan forgiveness

    • Deadline: TBD
    • Amount: Cost of eligible loans minus 120 monthly payments
    • Requirements: For current students needing additional assistance not provided by financial aid. These loans carry a 5% fixed interest rate which begins at the time of the loan. The loans come due 3 months after graduation. Only available to students who are not fully funded through financial aid.
    • Application Information

    Nurse corps loan repayment program

    • Deadline: February
    • Amount: 60% of nursing education loan balance
    • Requirements: In exchange for a two year service commitment, participants receive 60% of their total nursing education loan balance.
    • Application information

    Faculty loan repayment program

    • Deadline: May
    • Amount: up to $40,000 towards nursing loan repayment
    • Requirements: Individuals selected to participate agree to serve on the faculty of an accredited health professions college or university for two years. The government pays up to $40,000 of the participant's student loans and provides funds to offset the tax burden.
    • Application information

    National health service corps

    • Deadline: May
    • Amount: up to $170,000 loan repayment
    • Requirements: Minimum of two year full-time commitment to work at an NHSC-approved site.
    • Application information

    Primary health care loan forgiveness program

    Deadline: April 30
    Amount: up to $35,000
    Requirements: A medical, physician assistant or nurse practitioner student enrolled in an approved rural specific Oregon training program, or who intends to enter such a program, may submit an application for loans available under this program (This is not a program for residents or practitioners).
    Application information

    Scholars for a healthy Oregon

    • Deadline: TBD
    • Requirements: Designed for those going into the Master of Nursing in Nurse Anesthesia, Family NP, Midwifery or Psychiatric Mental Health NP funding will be provided in exchange for your commitment to serve in a rural or underserved population upon graduation. 
    • Find out more about this program

    Outside Searches

    Oregon nurses foundation scholarships

    Aftercollege/AACN scholarship

    • Deadline: four times per year (January, April, July and October)
    • Amount: $2,500
    • Requirements: Nursing students enrolled in a baccalaureate, master's or doctoral degree program in nursing with a GPA of 3.25 or higher.
    • Application information

    America assembly for men in nursing

    • Deadline: September
    • Amount: $1,000 - 5,000
    • Requirements: Pre-licensure male undergraduate student.
    • Application Information

    American academy of nurse practitioners (AANP) foundation

    • Deadline: September
    • Amount: $2,500 - $5,000
    • Requirements: Masters or doctoral students in nursing. Must be an AANP member. Several opportunities available.
    • Application information 

    Army nurse corps association

    • Deadline: March 31
    • Amount: $3,000
    • Requirements: Nursing students (all levels) who have, or plan to serve, with the US Army and are not already funded by the US Army. Also eligible are students whose parents, spouse, or children have served in the US Army.
    • Application information

    Back to school scholarship program

    Barbara Rhomberg excellence in nursing scholarship

    • Applications accepted: March 1 - March 31, 2016
    • Amount: $1,000
    • Requirements: Enrolled in full time undergraduate nursing program, non-traditional student
    • Application information

    Campus RN Oregon nursing scholarship

    Caring scholar scholarship

    • Deadline: June 30, 2017
    • Amount: $1,500
    • Requirements: University students attending an accredited U.S. college or university who care for aging relatives.
    • Application information scholarship

    • Deadline: May 6th 
    • Amount: $5,000
    • Requirements: Register for a job seeker account with diversity nursing, must be enrolled in an accredited SON, and must be a US citizen.
    • Application information

    F.A. David nursing undergraduate scholarship

    • Deadline: July 15, 2017
    • Amount: $1,500
    • Requirements: F.A. Davis is delighted to offer two nursing scholarships in 2017! $1,500 will be awarded to one undergraduate nursing student and to one graduate nursing student who is studying in the US or Canada.
    • Application information

    Ford family scholars program

    • Deadline: March 1
    • Amount: 90% of unmet need (up to $25,000/year)
    • Requirements: Need based scholarship for Oregon residents (or Siskiyou County), enrolled full-time in an on-campus undergraduate.
    • Application information

    Ford opportunity scholarship program

    • Deadline: March 1
    • Amount: 90% of unmet need (up to $25,000/year)
    • Requirements: This is a need-based scholarship and the intention of this scholarship is to assist single parents who do not have the support of a domestic partner. Must be a single parent with custody of dependent, Oregon resident (or Siskiyou County).
    • Application information

    Ford ReStart scholarship

    • Deadline: March 1
    • Amount: 90% of unmet need (up to $25,000 a year)
    • Requirements: Need based scholarship for Oregon residents (or Siskiyou Couty), enrolled full-time in an on-campus undergraduate program. Restricted to students over 25 years of age without a prior degree.
    • Application information

    Geriatric nursing scholarship

    • Deadline: June 30, 2017
    • Amount: $1,000
    • Requirements: Open to all U.S. high school seniors who are interested in starting a nursing school in the fall of 2017, or the students who are already in their freshman, sophomore or junior years in college (college seniors are not eligible for this scholarship).
    • Applicant information

    Hispanic metropolitan chamber

    • Deadline: January 31
    • Amount: $1,000 - $5,000
    • Requirements: Applicant must be of Hispanic ancestry, residing in Oregon or Clark County, Wa. Open to undergraduate and graduate students with at least a 3.0 GPA.
    • Applicant information

    Hospice and palliative nurses association education scholarship

    • Deadline: October 1st & December 1st
    • Amount: varies
    • Requirements: Must be a member of HPNA providing end-of-life care and completed at least one term of nursing school. Open to undergraduate and graduate students.
    • Application information

    HRSA nursing scholarship program

    • Deadline: May 5th
    • Amount: Full cost of attendance plus stipend.
    • Requirements: Students enrolled at the BS or MN level who agree to work for at least two years after graduation at a facility with a critical shortage of nurses. Preference is given to students with zero EFC as indicated on their FAFSA.
    • Application requirements

    Keaney law firm

    • Deadline: May 1st of every year
    • Amount: 1,000
    • Requirements: Nursing students who are licensed or certified to work in Oregon as a CNA, LPN, or ADN and are now striving to expand their career options as a Bachelor's prepared RN. 
    • Application requirements

    Leo Adler scholarship

    • Deadline: April 1
    • Amount: varies
    • Requirements: Students must be graduates of North Powder High School or have graduated from a high school in Baker County, Oregon. must be enrolled full-time with a minimum of 2.0 GPA.
    • Application information

    March of Dimes graduate scholarship

    • Deadline: February 1st
    • Amount: $5,000
    • Requirements: Current RN, enrolled in grad program for maternal/child nursing, and member of ACNM, AWHONN, or NANN.
    • Application information

    Minority nurse scholarship program

    • Deadline: February 1
    • Amount: $1,000 -$3,000
    • Requirements: 3rd or 4th year in undergraduate nursing program or any stage in Accelerated BS nursing program, racial or ethnic minority, minimum of 3.0 GPA
    • Application information

    National american arab nurses association scholarship

    • Deadline: September 30, 2016
    • Amount: $500 - 1,000
    • Requirements: Member of NAANA and enrolled in a nursing program (BS, RN-BS, or Master's) with at least a 3.5 GPA.
    • Application information

    National association of hispanic nurses

    • Deadline: Check website
    • Amount: $1,000 - 5,000
    • Requirements: Applicants must be a NAHN member for at least 6 months prior to submission deadline.
    • Application information

    National black nurses association scholarships

    • Deadline: April 15
    • Amount: $1,000 - 6,000
    • Requirements: Undergraduate students enrolled in a nursing program with at least one year remaining. Applicants must be members of the NBNA and of their local chapter.
    • Application information

    National league for nursing (NLN) foundation faculty scholarship award

    • Deadline: May 31, 2017
    • Amount: Up to $8,000
    • Requirements: Candidates must be NLN members either through individual dues or through their employer schools' NLN membership. 
    • Application information

    National student nurses association foundation scholarship

    • Deadline: January
    • Amount: $1,000 - 7,000
    • Requirements: Available to undergraduate and RN-BS students taking at least 6 credits per term. Applicants must be involved in student nursing organizations and community health activities, have documented academic success, as well as financial need. There is a $10 fee for this application.
    • Application information

    Nurses education funds, Inc.

    • Deadline: February 1
    • Amount: Varies
    • Requirements: Restricted to Masters and Doctoral students who have completed at least one term of study. There is a $20 fee for this scholarship.
    • Application information

    Oregon nurses foundation - centennial education scholarship

    • Deadline: Four times per year (September, December, March, June)
    • Amount: $1,000
    • Requirements: For students accepted into or currently enrolled in an undergraduate nursing program within the state of Oregon. Students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0
    • Application information

    Perlman clinic scholarship

    • Deadline: December 31, 2016
    • Amount: $500 to apply to tuition and a career guidance session with a Perlman Clinic medical practitioner to discuss goals, career prospects, etc. 
    • Requirements: Applicants must be at least 18 years of age, pursuing a healthcare-related degree at either a university or community college, and maintatin at least a 3.2 GPA.
    • Application information 

    Point foundation

    • Deadline: January 11, 2016
    • Requirements: Point Foundation empowers promising LGBTQ students to achieve their full academic and leadership potential to make a significant impact on society. Point promotes change through change through education, mentorship, leadership development and community service training, and provides scholars with the financial ability higher educational institutions across the nation.
    • Application information

    Resources for current RN's to complete their bachelor's degree

    Senior care scholarship - A place form mom senior care innovation scholarship

    • Deadline: April 15, 2017
    • Amount: $1,000
    • Requirements: Check application information for details.
    • Application information

    Southern Oregon latino scholarship fund

    • Deadline: April 15th 
    • Amount: Varies
    • Requirements: Must be a resident of Jackson, Josephine or Klamath counties and be of Latino heritage, seeking first academic degree, minimum GPA of 3.0.
    • Application information

    The Nurse Candidate Program (NCP)

    • The Nurse Candidate Program provides a monthly stipend for full time students in accredited Bachelor of Science Nursing programs accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) or the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission, Inc (NLNAC). Students can enroll after their sophomore year and receive an initial grant of $10,000 (paid in two installments of $5000 each), plus $1000 a month for up to 24 months.
    • Program information

    "Together We Care" nurse practitioner scholarship program

    • Deadline: March 16
    • Amount: $2,500 - $5,000
    • Requirements: Enrolled in program leading to licensure as an FNP (MN or DNP), 3.2 GPA or higher and strong community involvement and leadership.
    • Application information

    William G. and Ruth T. Evans endowed nursing scholarship

    • Deadline: July annually
    • Amount: varies
    • Requirements: Students enrolled in the nursing program at the OHSU Ashland Campus who intend
    • to work in the Rogue Valley (southern Oregon) after graduation.
    • Application information