Approved Policies

Academic Policy Development & Approval, Policy 01-01-010 
Academic Program Review, Policy 02-50-005 
Assignment of Course Credit, Policy 02-50-015 
Change in Major or Degree Objective, Policy 02-70-025 
Closure of Academic Programs, Policy 02-50-040 
Degrees Awarded with Honors, Policy 02-70-040  
Degrees/Certificate Standards, Policy 02-70-035 
Exam Schedule Change, Policy 02-70-045 
Faculty Qualifications, Interim Policy 02-90-030 
Marketing Proposed Academic Programs,
Policy 02-50-020
Online Exam Proctoring, Policy 02-70-050 
Oregon Heritage, Policy 02-10-025 
Proposing Curricular Changes, Policy 02-50-010 
Record of Student Complaint, Policy 02-20-045
Student Evaluation of Teaching, Policy 02-50-035 
Student Financial Aid Planning, Policy 02-90-025 
Student Identity Verification, Policy 02-20-050 
Student Learning Outcomes & Assessment, Policy 02-50-030 
Student Organization Recognition, Policy 02-90-001      Procedure 02-90-001
Student Suspension and Dismissal, Policy 02-30-050      Procedure 02-30-050                          
Suspension of Academic Programs, Policy 02-50-025 
Transfer of Course Credit, Policy 02-70-005 
Technical Standards, Policy 02-70-010 
Timely Release of Grades, Policy 02-70-015       
University Grading, Policy 02-70-020 
Voluntary Leave of Absence (LOA), Policy 02-70-030 
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