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The Graduate Programs in Human Nutrition (GPHN) at OHSU has two principal areas of curricular focus: human nutrition and dietetics, and food systems and society.  GPHN graduates come from diverse backgrounds but share an interest in improving outcomes for individuals and society.  

Nutrition and Dietetics 
There are three options for study in nutrition and dietetics at OHSU. Students in these programs build a foundation to provide innovative, evidence-based, nutrition care and dietetics services that promote and enhance health and wellness for all people. Graduates are efficient and effective communicators who use far-reaching, social networking mediums, and individual and group counseling to disseminate information about nutrition to clients, colleagues, and the global community.  Learn more here:  

Food Systems and Society 
Our Master’s program in Food Systems and Society focuses on the societal factors that enable and constrain the development of equitable food systems. Students draw on interdisciplinary social sciences to examine concepts, perspectives, and strategies for identifying causes and remedies to social problems in the food system. Graduates are well-positioned to work in the policy arena, lead nonprofit organizations, serve as researchers and writers, create innovative enterprises, or enhance their existing professional practice with complementary knowledge and skills. Learn more here:  

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Tyler Chase - Class of 2020

The Awards Committee of the School of Medicine Graduate Studies Program selected Tyler Chase, MS, RD, LD for the Outstanding MS Thesis Award for 2021 for his thesis entitled, “Muscle assessment through the nutrition focused physical exam compared to skeletal muscle index measured by CT imaging.” This prize acknowledges his outstanding, original research demonstrating that nutrition focused physical exams correlate with skeletal muscle index as measured by CT imaging. Congratulations Tyler! 

Congrats MS and MSD( 2021

On June 18th, we said good bye to another class of top-notch nutrition professionals! Congratulations to the DI and MS in Human Nutrition Class of 2021! Learn more about our graduates!