School of Nursing

QM certified SON faculty

“Having QM experts on staff can serve to create a culture of commitment to quality assurance and continuous improvement in online and hybrid learning.” (QM Website: Why become QM Certified).

QM Team Chair requires advanced certification. The role of the QM-Team Chair is integral to ensuring the management of the entire review process and coaching peers to ensure helpful recommendations are provided for course improvements (QM-Website: MRC Certification). Team chairs include:

Joanne Noone, Graciela Vidal and Zoe Speidel

QM-Certified Peer Reviewers collaborate with colleagues (from around the country) as part of a course review team.  The role provides important feedback on how a course can be improved to meet QM Standards.

SON Faculty

OHSU faculty collaborators

Justi Echeles, Lisa Hatfield, Zoe Speidel and Graciela Vidal