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Michael Coriasco, M.N.E., RN (he/him)

  • Instructor, School of Nursing


Mike Coriasco, M.N.E., RN, is an instructor at OHSU's School of Nursing in the online RN to BS undergraduate degree program

Mike began his healthcare career in Emergency Medical Services, working in the field, and in OHSU's ED, as a paramedic, before going back to get his RN. As an RN Mike worked primarily in community health, working with the Multnomah County School District providing education, training, and care, to students and families, as well as advocating for health issues locally and at the capital. 

Mike returned to OHSU as a faculty member to add his unique perspective, and experience, to the nursing program; he is very passionate about nurses stepping beyond direct patient care and into leadership positions within their organizations, and communities. OHSU's RNBS program focuses heavily on nurses as leaders, and nurse's impact and care for communities, beyond what is immediately in front of them, which attracted him to this setting.

Mike's passions outside of work run the spectrum from video games and movies, to hiking and world travel. He is also particularly talented at starting to learn something, and then abandoning it, and has quite a collection of instruments he cannot play, and craft-projects have finished. However, there is value in this sort of thing; curiosity pushes us to try new things, but if those things do not fulfill us we should not feel obligated to complete them, nor should we let those 'failures' prevent us from following our curiosity in the future.

Education and training

    • B.S., 2005, Longwood University
    • A.A.S., 2007, Piedmont Virginia Community College
    • B.S., 2015, Oregon Health & Science University
    • M.S., 2019, Oregon Health & Science University
  • Certifications

    • Cryptozoology Certificate [Honorary]:

Memberships and associations:

  • Sigma Theta Tau

Areas of interest

  • Community/Public Health
  • Nursing Leadership
  • Quality Improvement
  • Critical Thinking & Messaging



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