School of Nursing

Distinguished Faculty Awards

Faculty Senate - School of Nursing

The Distinguished Faculty Awards program was established by the Faculty Senate to recognize outstanding performance by members of the faculty. Awards are made for contributions that have been made within the last five years in one of six categories: research, leadership, teaching, service, collaboration and excellence.

2022 Collaboration Award - Asma Taha, PhD, RN, CPNP-PC/AC, PCNS-BC, FAAN

2021 Excellence Award - Patti Barfield, Ph.D., PMHNP - BC

2020 Leadership Award - Carla Hagen, Ph.D., MPH, RN

2019 Outstanding Teaching - Martha Driessnack, Ph.D. PPCNP-BC, RN

2018 Outstanding Service - Kristin Lutz, Ph.D., RN

2017 Outstanding Research - Christopher S. Lee, Ph.D., FAHA, FAAN, FHFSA

2016 Outstanding Collaboration - Joanne Noone, Ph.D., RN, CNE

2015 Outstanding Leadership - Juliana C. Cartwright, Ph.D., RN

2014 Outstanding Teaching - Kathie Lasater, Ed.D., RN, ANEF

2013 Outstanding Service - Gail Houck, Ph.D., RN, PMHNP

2012 Outstanding Research – Kerri Winters, Ph.D.

2011 Outstanding Collaboration – Lissi Hansen, Ph.D., RN  -  and -  Dena Hassouneh, Ph.D., ANP, PMHNP

2010 Outstanding LEADERSHIP – Catherine Salvesen, Ph.D.

2008 Outstanding Teaching - Theresa A. Harvath, Ph.D., RN, CNS  -  and -  Marsha Heims, RN, Ed.D.

2007 Outstanding Service – Carol Ann Palanuk Christlieb, RN, MS