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The I-CAN project is all about getting out in the community, and from time to time we receive media attention for the work that we're doing. We've been covered in internal and external publications, and have been featured on local news.

I-CAN/Kaiser Permanente denture grant

Not being able to chew your food isn't a pleasant experience, but it's a reality faced by many in the state of Oregon including those experiencing homelessness, refugees, and low-income individuals. OHSU's Community Dentistry program has been working with a generous grant from Kaiser Permanente to provide access to dentures for patients seen by OHSU's Interprofessional Care Access Network (I-CAN) in Multnomah County.

From normal patient assessment visits through the I-CAN program, the severe need for oral health services, particularly dentures, has become very apparent. Through this successful pilot program, OHSU's School of Dentistry students identify patient candidates during routine home care visits alongside Nursing, Pharmacy, and Medical students. Those patients are referred to dentists at OHSU's Russell Street Clinic in Portland for a full assessment of their need for dentures by a licensed dentist. Two to four qualifying candidates a month have gone through a treatment plan and received dentures through Kaiser Permanente's dental laboratory service. The end result has been improved health for disadvantaged and underserved patients and families.

I-CAN Team group photo

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