School of Nursing

Meet Our RNBS Students

Basilia Basin

Basilia Basin is a 39 year-old mother and PhD candidate who first started her nursing education back in 2006 at Mt. Hood Community College. At the time, Mt. Hood's associate degree in nursing program had just partnered with the Oregon Consortium of Nursing Education (OCNE). OCNE allows Associate degree graduates to seamlessly transition into OHSU's Registered Nurse to Bachelor's of Science (RNBS) Completion program.

"At first I hesitated about moving on for an additional year of education," Basilia said. "However, over time I began to realize that without a bachelor's degree, I would not be able to advance my career in nursing."

In 2008, Basilia began the RNBS program while working night shifts as a nurse. She completed the program in 2009. Currently, she is a nursing Ph.D. student at OHSU and will graduate later this year. Her research looks at the relationship between older adults and their pets and how that influences their decision-making.

"While my associates coursework taught me the skills to become a nurse, the bachelor's coursework taught me how to think about nursing from a leadership perspective," Basilia said.

She looks forward to the opportunities in nurse leadership as a result of the experience she's gained in her education. "Nursing is about life-long learning," she said. "Earning degrees along the way are just part of the journey."

Rayna Tuski

For Rayna Tuski, the Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science (RNBS) Completion program, finished in 2015, was an important step towards her longer term goal of earning a Master in Nursing. "I previously completed a B.S. in biology and thought I could go straight into a M.N. program," Rayna said. "When I learned that wasn't possible, I was admittedly disappointed."

However, Rayna said that the RNBS program taught her so many new concepts and exposed her to a professional life she was unaware of. "It enhanced me as an R.N. and a leader," she said. "It expanded my understanding of how bedside nursing connects to the organization and community."

Rayna added that the RNBS. program prepared her well for her graduate education. She is set to graduate in spring 2017 with a Master's in Nursing degree in Health Systems and Organizational Leadership.

Originally from Eugene, Oregon, Rayna now lives in Tigard with her husband and two children. She also has a pet English Mastiff and five chickens. In her spare time, Rayna enjoys outdoor activities regardless of the season. In winter, she enjoys skiing. She is looking forward to swimming and boating trips in the coming months.