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Instructional Resources

This page houses instructional resources appropriate for teaching undergraduate nursing students.

Instructional materials developed by ECLEPs faculty, partners, and colleagues

Aging in Oregon understanding long term care educational PowerPoint presentations

Developed by ECLEPs Grant Partners and OHSU School of Nursing Partners, full versions updated July 2011 with video links. Individual video slides also available for download below. Revised voice over PowerPoint versions added March 2012. With specific thanks to and acknowledge for the work of the following ECLEPS nurses: Cynthia McDaniel, MSN, RN; Diana White, PhD; Juliana Cartwright, RN, PhD; Tiffany Allen, BS; Layla Garrigues RN, BS Frances Voss, RN, BS;.

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Age related changes flyer

Download double sided flyer

A visual overview of age related changes by organ system includes consequences of functional and physiologic changes. Please download and share.

PHI cheat sheet

After attending a two-day training on coaching-leadership (PHI Institute), partner staffs asked for a ‘cheat sheet’ on key skills introduced in the workshop. Developed by ECLEPs Team, this easy reference can be attached to a clipboard or back side of name badge, or other handy place!

The cheat sheet bullets the Primary Coaching Skills including key descriptors of each skill, and provides a step approach to Presenting the Problem.

Download 3x5 PDF

Download 5x7 PDF

Download 8.5x11 PD

Gerontology enduring understanding ideas

This document was developed in June 2010 by faculty from Rogue Community College and Oregon Health & Science School of Nursing, Ashland. The purpose of this document is to list essential concepts related to Gerontological nursing that fit within the OCNE chronic illness courses. This document can also be useful for faculty planning to integrate gerontological content into any existing courses.

Download doc here

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Learning activities

These resources and activities have been developed for use by students in Long Term Care settings. Others are free to use intact or modify. Please attribute resources to faculty authors cited below.

Assessment of older adults in assisted living facilities

Developed by Dr. Joanne Noone of Oregon Health and Science University, available for download here.

Download Assisted Living Assessment Forms

Download Description of Learning Activity ALResassess doc

Concept based dementia activity

Developed by Terry Ross of Oregon Health and Science University. The purpose of this learning activity is to provide the student with an opportunity to experience a therapeutic relationship with a resident who has dementia.

Download Dementia Activity

Download Seminar Instructions

Download Grading Guidelines

Download Assessment Tool

Culture change project

Developed by Anna Lewis MSN, RN of Rogue Community College.

This assignment is used in a four day rotation for 2nd year nursing students in long term care. It focuses on the resident-centered aspects of culture change that enhance students' appreciation for older adults and the transition to alternative living situations. This rotation is also designed to increase awareness and desirability of working with residents in alternate health care settings.

Download Activit

Environmental assessment of older adults learning activity

Students identify and assess ways in which the environment impacts function. Students conduct a detailed assessment of the living environment with a focus on safety and quality of life.

Download Overview of Activity

Download Full Activity

Functional assessment of older adults learning activity

Prepares students to use the Katz Basic Activities of Daily Living Scale and Instrumental Activities of Daily Living Scale (Lawton & Brody). Students identify functional abilities and limitations of older adults, and demonstrate competencies in functional assessment of the older adults.

Download Overview of Activity

Download Full Activity

Fall prevention project learning activity

Students visit an older adult over one quarter or semester, conduct falls risk assessment and other relevant assessments for older adults, identify risk factors, and make nursing recommendations based on research. A benefit is the relationship that students develop with their older adult, and awareness of the rich lives people have had despite current co-morbidities and frailty.

Download Overview of Activity

Download Full Activity

Medication cabinet audit learning activity

Students work with an older adult and inventory their medicine cabinet, complete a nursing assessment, analyze the information obtained for potential and actual drug interactions, and develop a teaching plan tailored to the older adult.

Download Overview of Activity

Download Full Activity This is an excellent resource developed by ECLEPs Partners to assist nurses, other health professionals, and others who work with older adults to develop and evaluate nine competencies for working with older adults. All resources may be downloaded from the website for free. 

Population-based care conference

Developed by Cyndee McDaniel, RN, MS, of OHSU School of Nursing.

The Population Health course requires both a community assessment and a service-learning project at a partner agency site or in a community setting. Students present their project for peer review at a community practice conference during the 10th week of the term. Findings from these activities are summarized by students into 15 minutes with powerpoint or other visual materials. This clinical assignment has been successfully conducted by students in ECLEPS partner settings in skilled nursing and assisted living facilities.

Download PDF to read examples of projects presented at the Summer 2011 conference.

Sensory changes learning activity

Using a self-contained kit of materials student can simulate various sensory changes and gain understanding of the physical, social, emotional, and psychological challenges associated with sensory changes.

Download Full Activity

Transitions: Older adults and different health care settings learning activity

Students work with or observe an older adult and their family member (or caregiver) during a time that they are being discharged from one setting to another. Utilizing a worksheet the student explores all of the issues that should be taken into consideration by nursing to assure a smooth transition, particularly communication between facilities and the older adult’s functional status.

Download Overview of Activity

Download Full Activity

Evidence based practice resources associated with care of older adults

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (website): Provides many reports, resources, and clinical guidelines relevant to caring for older adults. AHRQ is available here with videos, TeamStepps slides, lecture notes, and other learning activities designed to improve interdisciplinary communication.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Many evidence based practice resources including CDC Fall prevention resources

Consult GeriRN: Online resources for care of older adults. Many are evidence based.

E-Ageing, Western Australian GeriRN for Health Aging: E-Ageing provides education and resources about the aging process and associated diseases, a very interactive and well-designed web resource.

John McMaster Hartford Foundation - Institute for Geriatric Nursing

Nursing Best Practice Guidelines: From the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario, in-depth guidelines for a variety of conditions.

These resources were developed with financial support from the Oregon Department of Human Services (Grant Agreement # 150472: Academic and Practice Partnerships to Strengthen Care for Older Adults in Residential and Assisted Living Settings, J. Cartwright, PI).