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FNP Hybrid Program

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Courses are delivered using a hybrid model including many modalities such as web-based and face-to-face learning. Clinical placements are provided for students and are near their home community. Travel to regional campus (i.e. Ashland, LaGrande) is required approximately once a week and 1-2 times a quarter to the Portland campus.

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Why you should get your FNP degree at the OHSU School of Nursing

  • 100% 1st-time passing rate for FNP board certification (since implementing new curriculum in 2014)
  • All OHSU Family Nurse Practitioner graduates have been employed within six months after graduation, typically within 3 months
  • Experienced, FNP board-certified faculty who are active and up-to-date in clinical practice
    • Supportive faculty with high standards for clinical competence
  • Effective, engaging, and interactive classroom and online teaching methods
    • Bi-quarterly Simulation practice with "standardized patients" (professionals--often actors- trained in various patient scenarios)
  • Multiple hands-on training sessions for clinical procedures (joint injection, suturing) in modern bio-skills lab
  • Preceptor sites and clinical experience is set up by OHSU clinical coordinator 
    • Frequent communication with clinical preceptor with a minimum of once quarterly face-to-face clinical site visits by faculty 
    • Work closely with student, preceptors, and faculty to assess and address unmet experiential needs 
    • Preceptors are board-certified and OHSU vetted FNPs, PAs and MDs
  • Clinical preceptorships in community health, family practice, and urgent care clinics in urban and rural settings 
  • Small class size with high faculty-to-student ratio
    • Cohort of less than 25 students
    • Faculty: student ratio of 1:3 (for each year's cohort)

FNP student highlight

FNP Student Highlight

McKinely Dennis, Family Nurse Practitioner student spoke with us about why she chose OHSU. She said, "I chose to attend OHSU for my FNP education because it is a renowned program at the only academic health center in the state of Oregon. I have a special interest in primary care in a rural health setting. With the opportunity to apply for the Scholar's for a Healthy Oregon Initiative scholarship at OHSU, it's allowing me the opportunity to make a difference to how healthcare is delivered in an underserved community in Oregon after graduation."

In addition, McKinely liked the flexibility of the program. She said, "The FNP program offers either face to face or online didactic course work which allows for flexibility to those outside the Portland metro area. Distance student or not, the mandatory face to face sessions (a couple times per year in a location near your home) allow for hands on collaboration, networking, and relationship building with people in your cohort who you share similar goals with."

Course Catalog

For all program specifics, Student Learning Outcomes and detailed school information, check out the School of Nursing Catalog/Student Handbook.