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We’re using screens more than ever before. But what’s that mean for our eyes? OHSU Casey Eye Institute providers share how to keep your eyes healthy in this ever-changing world. Also, learn what Casey is doing to improve eye care for communities throughout Oregon.

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Help end preventable blindness through research and care.

Eye care for you

Dr. Davis doing an eye exam with a patient

OHSU Casey Eye Institute is a premier academic medical center providing eye care for adults and children in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. We treat eye conditions from the most straightforward to the most complex, and offer expert care in all ophthalmology specialties. Learn more about our clinics and services

Advancing vision research

Image taken of glaucoma research from a microscope that looks like many green fireworks going off at once on a black background.

Since 1945, OHSU Casey Eye Institute doctors and vision scientists have worked side by side to discover the causes of eye disease and find new treatments. Bringing research and patient care together helps us turn possibilities into realities. Learn more about research and clinical trials at OHSU Casey Eye Institute.

Education and training

Program director Dr. Thomas Hwang with residents.

We offer world-class ophthalmology education opportunities at OHSU Casey Eye Institute. Training the next generation of eye care professionals is one of the our most important priorities, and we have earned a reputation as a premier facility for learning, research and patient care. Find out more about our ophthalmology training programs.

Community programs

An eye doctor examining a patients on the Casey Community Outreach Program mobile clinic.

A core part of Casey's mission is simple and ambitious: to eliminate preventable blindness in Oregon and beyond. Through our global and community programs and the preschool vision screening program, we are making a difference in eye health in Oregon and beyond by bringing care to those who need it. Learn more.

Continuing medical education

A speaker presents at an annual named lectureship.

We offer grand rounds and CME conferences throughout the year for doctors, trainees and vision researchers to learn the latest in research, treatment, patient care and technology in the field of ophthalmology. View our continuing education events.