Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders

A smiling child and healthcare provider.

OHSU Doernbecher is a national leader in care for pediatric cancers and blood disorders. We are proud to be part of OHSU's Knight Cancer Institute.

Your family will find:

  • World-class experts who focus on cancer care and blood disorders for children and teens.
  • A highly skilled team that works together for each patient.
  • Doctors with advanced training in their specialties.
  • Social workers and child life specialists to support your family’s well-being.
  • Investigators on the leading edge of cancer research.
  • Innovative tools and top-rated programs.
  • Access to clinical trials to test promising treatments.

Our excellence

Children have different treatment needs than adults. We offer the region’s only comprehensive center for childhood cancer and blood disorders.

A team of experts

Your child’s care team will include some of the nation’s top specialists in pediatric cancer and blood disorders. Our program features:

  • Doctors, nurses, social workers and others who work as a team for each patient.
  • Cancer and blood disorder specialists who meet regularly to go over individual cases. They combine their decades of experience to offer your child the best possible care.
  • National experts in blood diseases. Their knowledge helps us better diagnose and treat hemophilia, sickle cell anemia, thalassemia and clotting disorders.
  • The only intraoperative (in surgery) MRI suite at a West Coast children’s hospital. This technology gives our expert neurosurgeons exceptional precision for removing childhood brain tumors.

Comprehensive care

We offer your child and family support from diagnosis through treatment and beyond. Our program includes:

  • Advanced treatment options, plus clinical trials for the many types of pediatric cancer and blood disorders.
  • Addressing any symptoms and side effects your child may have.
  • Your input at every step, including on treatment plans and possible side effects.

At Doernbecher, we do more than treat your child’s condition. Our team supports your whole family:

Other OHSU resources:

Clinical trials and research

Our clinical researchers are pioneers in understanding and developing treatments for childhood cancers and blood disorders.

  • OHSU’s immunotherapy and cell transplant therapy team is a leader in research and clinical trials. Our patients were part of the trial that resulted in Food and Drug Administration approval of a CAR T-cell therapy option for advanced leukemia. Learn more about the team’s work.
  • Our blood disorder experts are part of several national gene therapy trials for patients with hemophilia. We hope that one of these gene therapies could better treat or even cure hemophilia.
  • Dozens of OHSU cancer researchers work together on studies including childhood cancer at the state-of-the-art Knight Cancer Research Building.

Our clinical researchers have leadership roles in several national and international pediatric research organizations. Through these collaborations, we are finding new ways to treat and cure cancer.

For families

Call 503-346-0640 to:

  • Request an appointment.
  • Seek a second opinion.
  • Ask questions.

Find resources and support.


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Survivor’s mindset

Throughout her cancer treatment, people called Zion Thompson lots of nice things, like courageous and strong. But she felt “survivor” fit her best.

Amazing generosity

The gift of a teddy bear made Henry Hernandez’s cancer surgery less scary. His efforts to do the same for other Doernbecher patients earned him the governor’s Amazing Oregonian award.