2018 Education Symposium

Panel discussions at the 2017 Education Symposium
Symposium on Educational Excellence 2018

2018 posters

** Poster session award winners
  1. Campus for Rural Health: A model for rural interprofessional education through community partnerships | Amy Dunkak, Linda Martin, Carla McKelvey
  2. Creation of learning communities in the anesthesiology residency program | Dawn Dillman, Amy Miller Juve, Emily Baird, Christopher Swide
  3. BioData Club: A student-led group to learn scientific computing skills - A survey on wants and needs | Eric Leung
  4. ** Students as teachers and patients as learners: Pathway of the integration of a 3-D virtual simulation into program curriculum and to patient education | Kristi Tonning, Maria Thompson
  5. The pediatric ward night float sub-internship: An untapped opportunity for EPA assessment | Kyle Lenz, Bronwyn Baz, Michelle Noelck
  6. Use of debriefing in concept-based learning activities: Optimizing integration of theory and practice in care of specialty populations | Linda Brown, Ann Nielsen
  7. "What do I see, hear and smell when I walk into the room?" A team-based learning curriculum for emergency medicine oral board exam preparation | Holly Caretta-Weyer
  8. Life lessons: A transitions to practice curriculum for emergency medicine residents | Holly Caretta-Weyer
  9. ** Paying it forward: A unique approach to junior faculty professional development in the basic sciences | Holly Caretta-Weyer, Pepper Schedin, Joshi Alumkal, Lisa Coussens, Melissa Wong
  10. Confidentiality concerns for surgical residents as educational research subjects | Alicia Bonanno, Mackenzie Cook, Kelly Fair, Elizabeth Dewey, Laszlo Kiraly
  11. Evaluation of a multidisciplinary ultrasound experience in a critical care fellowship | Alicia Bonanno, Mackenzie Cook, Dan Hubbard, Laszlo Kiraly
  12. Characteristics of effective outpatient clinic preceptors | Rebekah Weil, Elizabeth Haney
  13. Tracking internal medicine resident didactic evaluation response rates before and after transitioning to electronic forms | Rebekah Weil, Elizabeth Haney
  14. Mixing active learning and lecturing: Using interactive visualization as a teaching tool | Ted Laderas, Jessica Minnier
  15. ** Collaborative group testing: Can we prepare the next generation of dentists through assessment? | Tobie Jones
  16. How the OHSU medical school class of 2018 choose their medical specialties | Mukhdip Singh
  17. Medical students as patient navigators: Self-efficacy and patient-centeredness in medical students enrolled in a novel educational program | Reem Hasan, Hilary Titus, Patrick Bauer
  18. Simulation sparks interest in cardiothoracic surgery | Rebekah Macfie, Sarah Walcott-Sapp, Justin Watson, Elizabeth Dewey, Paul Schipper.
  19. Dental admission criteria: Predictors of academic success at the OHSU School of Dentistry | Curt Machida, Sylvia Nelsen, Yun Yu, Dongseok Choi, Mark Mitchell, Tom Shearer
  20. ** The photo diversity project: Increasing the diversity of images used in classroom teaching | Linda Felver, Rian Johnson
  21. The Student Navigator Project (SNaP): Novel value-added roles for preclinical medical students in an academic general internal medicine clinic | Reem Hasan
  22. Augmented reality for enhanced technical training | Rebekah Macfie, Elie Ramly, Paul Schipper, Martin Schreiber, Cherrie Abraham
  23. A children's book discussion group: Not-your-typical, active-learning technique | Martha Driessnack, Sarah Atkins, Constance Mitchell, Lindsay Underwood
  24. ** In just five (5) questions: A deceptively simple, learner-centered, transformative learning activity | Martha Driessnack, Asma Taha
  25. Creating a community of practice among educators: Lessons from the field | Niki Steckler, Leslie Kahl
  26. Spiral of evidence scholarship through the OHSU School of Nursing RNBS curriculum | Renee Menken, Wendy Neander
  27. Specialty choice stability: Are there Implications for advising and early entry into residency? | Travis Alexander "Alex" Polston
  28. Building a community of inquiry for students and faculty | Tatum Korin
  29. An innovative malignant hematology curriculum for hematology/oncology fellows | Sarah Nagle
  30. An active learning assignment for cultural awareness, nutrition and public health | Natalea Braden-Suchy
  31. Publishing student work: Developing an online anthology | Jessica L. Walter
  32. ** The case for CME: Applying CME to existing graduate courses | Jessica L. Walter, Christine Flores
  33. OHSU Physician Assistant Program contributing to the Oregon health care workforce | Sarah Drummond Hays, Claire E. Hull, Colleen Schierholtz
  34. Truth seeking in assessment? Lessons learned from the 2016-2017 OHSU assessment cycle | Sarah Drummond Hays, Constance Tucker
  35. Creating a sustainable team-based learning model for an internal medicine residency program | Jeff Youker, Stephanie Griffith, Jason Heino
  36. Successful implementation of a mock code blue curriculum focused on competency based evaluation of residents | Stephanie Griffith, Jeff Youker, Jason Heino
  37. Student perception of reflective practice to improve patient care | Elizabeth Lahti, Adam Hoverman, MacGregor Hodgson
  38. Finding Goldilocks online: How universal design (UD) and user experience (UX) inform online learning | Carrie Bailey, Katherine Forney
  39. ** Graphic medicine in action: The creation of a neurotransmitter zine | Keenan Smart, Timmi Claveria, Anandam Hilde, Paria Zarrinnegar, Megan McLeod, Pari Faraji, Richard Ly
  40. ** Child and adolescent psychiatry fellowship and pediatric integrated care models: Paragons, pragmatics and pitfalls | Megan McLeod, Craigan Usher

2018 presentation video recordings

Recordings of presentations will be posted here when the files are available.