We are the Community Outreach, Research and Engagement (CORE) team.  We support community–academic partnerships, gather community input for academic research, and increase research in community settings that is responsive to the pressing health concerns of residents in Oregon. 

CORE connects established academic community outreach programs from Oregon Clinical Translational Research Institute (OCTRI)  and Knight Cancer Institute to transform research from a scientist–subject interaction into a collaboration.  The success of this work depends on researchers and community members being engaged, connected, equipped with the resources they need and informed of new opportunities to work together toward the goal of improved human health. 

CORE: The big picture

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Knight Cancer Institute's Community Outreach and Engagement Program

OHSU Knight Cancer Institute aims to collaboratively address priority issues related to cancer prevention, early detection and screening and access to cancer care in Oregon and Southwest Washington through grantmaking, research and community engagement. 

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OCTRI Community Research Hub

The OCTRI Community Research Hub connects and supports researchers and community members in order to facilitate, grow and strengthen community-engaged research. The Hub works in five regions across the state, with community research liaisons living and working in each region. 

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How we engage communities

To meet our goal of increasing community engagement in research, the CORE team pursues the following strategies: 

  • Ensuring relevance. We promote the development of research and outreach strategies that truly matter to the involved communities. 
  • Enhancing receptivity. We promote trust between communities and academic partners, expanding the understanding of research and what it means to participate and collaborate in research activities. 
  • Building capacity. We aim to increase the knowledge, awareness and ability of community members and researchers to implement and disseminate research in Oregon
  • Increasing collaboration. We develop and conduct community engaged research approaches and projects to inform all stages of research and aim to address critical public health needs, including cancer. 


Jackilen Shannon

Jackilen Shannon, Ph.D.
Director, Community Outreach, Research & Engagement
Professor, OHSU-PSU School of Public Health