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Mission Statement

ORPRN's mission is to improve health outcomes and equity for all Oregonians through community partnered dialogue, research, coaching, and education.

Diversity Commitment

ORPRN is committed to building and sustaining a diverse, equitable, inclusive and anti-racist organization. We do so by evaluating how we develop and support our workforce, the partnerships we uphold and how we engage in community-partnered dialogue, research, coaching and education throughout Oregon.

Message from Nancy Elder, ORPRN Director

ORPRN 2022: Current state and future forecast

Nancy Elder

As the reality of climate change has emerged over the last decade, we have all had to learn the difference between climate and weather. Weather, by its nature of reflecting short term conditions, can be chaotic and unpredictable. Climate, on the other hand, is the long-term average over time and space. Looking at ORPRN within the two parameters, short and long term, leads me to predict a continuing long-term climate of success and quality, but with a significant amount of unpredictable and chaotic weather along the way.

The last three years may have been both the most successful and the most distressing in ORPRN’s history. The large number of successful grants and contracts written and funded, the overwhelming growth of ECHO programming, and the amazing research, improvement and education performed by ORPRN project teams has led ORPRN closer to achieving its mission of a healthier Oregon. However, during this same time, the COVID pandemic, social unrest, and economic turmoil have impacted ORPRN; projects and personnel were totally uprooted and overhauled, creating stress, anxiety and burnout. But in a testament to the quality and determination of this team, ORPRN faculty and staff are rising to the challenge.

The hard work and careful relationship-building that has made ORPRN one of the most successful PBRNs in the country will, I have faith, continue in the coming years. ORPRN is recruiting a new director at this time. When I joined ORPRN just over three years ago, it was as a transitional director, to help guide ORPRN from its first decade and a half under founder and former director L.J. Fagnan to its next decade and a half under its next director. That transition, like the one in 2018, when L.J. stepped down as director, may cause a shift in the short-term weather patterns of the organization, but I believe ORPRN’s long-term climate will remain one of excellence.

— Nancy Elder, M.D., M.S.P.H.