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Melinda Davis, Ph.D., achieves top ranking in Journal of Rural Health

"Taking the Bull by the Horns: Four Principles to Align Public Health, Primary Care, and Community Efforts to Improve Rural Cancer Control," by Melinda Davis, Ph.D., Associate ORPRN Director for Research, has been recognized by the Journal of Rural Health  for being one of the top 20 downloaded articles for 2017-2018.

The Journal noted that the piece, "generated immediate impact and visibility, contributing significantly to the advancement of [the] field."

Message from Nancy Elder, M.D., M.S.P.H., ORPRN Director

Nancy Elder photo

Welcome to the Oregon Rural Practice Based Research Network (ORPRN)!  We are a statewide network of primary care practices committed to providing high quality care to diverse populations of patients. Our mission statement,To improve health outcomes and equity for all Oregonians through community partnered dialogue, coaching, education and research” is more than just words – it truly describes all the amazing ways we work with practices to achieve that goal.

We strive to partner with our primary care communities in all that we do.  Several of our staff live in rural Oregon, and those of us based at our central location in Portland at OHSU travel the state to listen to physicians, providers, staff, patients, insurers and community members in order to understand their needs and concerns.  We bring ideas to them from researchers, academics and funders.  Through conversation, we make decisions together about what projects and programs to pursue.

We use practice facilitation or coaching as a key method for helping primary care improve practice or participate in research projects.  Our Practice Enhancement and Research Coordinators (or PERCs) are skilled individuals who bring experience and expertise in quality improvement, communication, research, team science and behavior change to their visits and conversations with primary care physicians and staff. 

Practice transformation is not static, and we provide ongoing education to practices through the Oregon Echo Network, housed within ORPRN, and by providing technical assistance training to many primary care physicians, staff, and quality improvement leaders throughout the state.

Research continues to be the core backbone of ORPRN, as we work with both practices and investigators from OHSU and around Oregon and the United States to examine, create, explore and test new ways of delivering primary care to innovating methods for health screenings to comparing treatment modalities for important diseases.

So welcome to ORPRN!  We are always looking for ways to partner with new practices, researchers and community groups.  Please contact us with any questions, comments, suggestions or ideas!

—Nancy Elder