OHSU Global SE Asia

Academic and Research Collaborations in Southeast Asia

Oregon Health & Science University seeks to centralize its global footprint in Southeast Asia by establishing a hub in Bangkok, Thailand, where education, research, and clinical initiatives can be leveraged and sustained over time to improve human health globally.  Such a presence in this important and dynamic part of the world allows OHSU to send inter-professional teams of health care providers and researchers to assist our partners with tackling regional priorities and will raise OHSU's profile by making it more competitive back at home.

Through these partnerships, OHSU has created opportunities for community members at all partner institutions in Thailand, Laos and Myanmar in priority areas as identified by these countries such as Emergency Medicine, Dentistry, Healthcare Leadership, Informatics, Infectious and non-communicable disease research, Nutrition, Nursing Leadership, Occupational Health, Ophthalmology, Pediatrics, Preventive Cardiology, Rehabilitation, Simulation and others.