OHSU is training eight clinical and IT leaders in a combination of coursework, project work, and other experiential learning in order to achieve a goal for BDMS to build physician and IT capacity to lead clinical informatics initiatives in the BDMS system. They will do this by acquiring knowledge in biomedical and health informatics by completing the OHSU Introduction to Biomedical Informatics course (otherwise known as the 10x10 course), gaining practical skills and experience working on BDMS informatics projects related to the course, receiving mentorship by OHSU faculty on-site at BDMS during the year and visiting OHSU to spend time in the OHSU informatics program and experience the OHSU clinical informatics environment

Recent News

OHSU Global SE Asia's informatics project teaches the OHSU introductory course in biomedical and health informatics of William Hersh, MD. This hybrid (part online, part in-person) course featured online recorded lectures, interactive videoconferences, and in-person sessions in both Bangkok and Portland. Eight clinical IT leaders from BDMS took the course this year, which culminated in their week-long visit to OHSU. One of the participants in the course, Dr. Somsak Wankijcharoen, created a video of the experience. Click here to view his video.



OHSU Global Bill Hersh

William Hersh, M.D., F.A.C.M.I., F.A.C.P.
Professor and Chair, Department of Medical Informatics &Clinical Epidemiology, OHSU, School of Medicine

Dr. Hersh is a leader and innovator in biomedical informatics both in education and research. In education, he developed and serves as Director of all of OHSU's graduate biomedical informatics education programs, including the Master of Science, the Master of Biomedical Informatics, the Graduate Certificate, and the Doctor of Philosophy. Dr. Hersh also spearheaded OHSU's efforts in distance learning for biomedical informatics, which are available up to the master's degree level. He also conceptualized and implemented the first offering of the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) 10x10 ("ten by ten") program, which aims to educate 10,000 health care professionals and others in biomedical informatics.