November Scholar 2010

OHSU School of Nursing November Scholar

Christopher S. Lee, PhD, RNChristopher Lee
My work centers on improving the full breadth of health outcomes (economic, clinical, and humanistic) in persons with chronic cardiovascular disease. I focus my research and service efforts on the study of persons with heart failure, the number one reason for hospitalization in the United States. As an integral element of my program of heart failure research, my current study focuses on identifying gender-specific symptom profiles in adults with heart failure. Pointedly, I am interested in identifying bio-behavioral factors that help predict greater symptom burden in addition to describing how symptoms are helpful in identifying women and men who are at risk for poor self-care, quality-of-life, and/or clinical outcomes. My future research projects that stem from these findings will focus on explaining variability in the delay between pathophysiological changes and the perceived onset of worsening heart failure symptoms, and on tailored interventions designed to match patients' current symptom and behavioral profiles. I am quite fortunate to work with a phenomenal inter-professional research team of mentors, colleagues, and associates. Together, was can accelerate greatly our multiple sciences and optimize the utility of our research findings