Program Assessment & Student Satisfaction Surveys

The OHSU School of Nursing uses a variety of AACN/EBI surveys  to assess student satisfaction with their academic program and the University.  Two surveys conducted regularly include the Exit survey (conducted the term a student graduates), which focuses on program satisfaction and the alumni survey (conducted 1 and 3 years post-graduation), which  focuses on how the program prepared the graduate to work within their discipline.
Three key features of these surveys include:

  1. Mapping of the student responses to the appropriate AACN Essentials document;
  2. Mapping of the student responses to factors such as Quality of Instruction and Overall Program Effectiveness; and
  3. Institutional comparators: a) Self-selected comparators (Select 6); b) Schools with same Carnegie Classification; and c) All participating institutions.

In addition to these key features, there are a variety of student demographic variables and open-ended questions to support analysis of the results. However, the open-ended items are not available on the website.

These surveys serve as the basis for many of the School of Nursing evaluation reports.

For assistance with these reports or to inquire about the other data available (including open-ended comments not posted here), contact Anjie Raber (  in the School of Nursing.

Undergraduate Exit Undergraduate Exit Survey
Undergraduate Alumni Undergraduate Alumni Survey
Master's Exit Master's Exit Survey
Master's Alumni Master's Alumni Survey
DNP Exit DNP Exit
DNP Alumni DNP Alumni Survey
Student Climate & Diversity
Student Climate Survey
Faculty/Staff Climate & Diversity
Faculty/Staff Climate Survey
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