School of Nursing

Quality Improvement Projects (QIPs)

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The following are QI projects completed at our ECLEPs Partner Sites. These projects were led by ECLEPs students and site staff. Prior to the initiation of these projects, participants completed an 8-hour QI training workshop led by the LiveWell Team at CareOregon and Malinda Burt MNE RN, a student in OHSU's MNE Graduate Program. In this workshop, learners were trained in improvement science and learned "how" to facilitate QI. Upon completion of the workshop, Malinda continued on as the Quality Improvement Coach for the students and site staff.

These resources were developed with financial support from the Oregon Department of Human Services (Grant Agreement # 150472: Academic and Practice Partnerships to Strengthen Care for Older Adults in Residential and Assisted Living Settings, J. Cartwright, PI).