School of Nursing

Frequently Asked Questions: Graduate Programs

Does the Admissions Office complete transcript evaluations for prospective students?
Due to our high volume of applicants, we are unable to provide individual transcript evaluations. If you have questions or concerns regarding specific courses, please send us your course descriptions with their course code, names of the institutions they were taken at, the grades received, and which prerequisites you would like them to fulfill. You can email this information to the Admissions office at

Can I submit my Nursing CAS application before all of my transcripts have arrived?
We require transcripts from every institution you have ever attended for all nursing program applications. If you have ordered transcripts and they are in transit to Nursing CAS, you are able to submit your application even if they have not arrived. Do not delay in sending your transcripts! It can take Nursing CAS several weeks to process and verify transcripts.

Can I apply to a graduate program while I am completing my bachelor’s in nursing?
If the program to which you are applying does not have a work experience requirement, you can apply as long as you will have your bachelors degree in nursing complete by the time our graduate program begins.

Am I able to apply to a graduate nursing program with an associates in nursing?
A bachelor’s in nursing is required for all of our graduate programs. If you have an associates in nursing, check out our RNBS program.

What level of statistics course is required?
Most of our graduate applications have a statistics requirement within the last 5 years. We will accept college level statistics courses. If you have a course that is in question, you can email the course description to Statistics time limit waiver requests can be made using the form on this page.

Can I apply to multiple graduate specialties?
The admissions committee likes to see that you have a clear understanding and commitment to the specialty to which you are applying. It is not recommended that you apply to multiple specialties within the same year.

Are test scores required for my application?
OHSU does not require test scores for graduate applications. International students need to take the TOEFL exam. For more information on international requirements click here.

Do my letters of reference have to be from an academic source, supervisor, and colleague?
If you are unable to procure a reference from one of the categories above, you can submit two references from the same category. Example: 2 supervisors and 1 colleague.

When will I hear if I receive an interview
Interview dates are posted here. We do not send out decline emails to those not selected for interviews because often, the program will fill interview spots as they become available. Programs try to give at least 2 weeks notice for interviewees. All official decisions are sent out about 2 weeks after the final interview date.