Research and Education

Research and education at the Knight Cancer Institute

Addressing the burden of cancer in Oregon

Based on the findings from our annual catchment area needs assessment, we will identify prioritized list of cancer related health disparities. 

Our priorities

We prioritize engagement with communities who face a disproportionate burden of cancer in Oregon. This may include, but is not limited to the following populations: 

  • Rural Oregonians
  • Lower socioeconomic and/or minority populations in Oregon
  • Low screening rates, high late stage diagnoses, incidence or mortality rates, as identified by BRFSS, OSCaR or other data sources

Community cancer research

Our active grants include:

  • Cancer Center Cessation Initiative: Tobacco treatment resources for cancer patients. 
  • Understanding HPV Vaccine Uptake in Oregon: Investigating the barriers, facilitators and implementation strategies to promote uptake of the HPV vaccine in rural and frontier regions throughout the state.
  • Rural Cancer Research Capacity: Aims to facilitate a locally developed cancer research strategy to increase cancer prevention and control research and build capacity of primary care clinical teams to increase rural patient readiness to participate in cancer prevention or control research.
  • Healthy Oregon Project: Aims to learn about the health and wellness of people in and around Oregon. We want to learn more about how a person’s genetics, environment, and behaviors affect the risk of chronic disease, including cancer. Learn more and enroll