Community Cancer Health Education

Community health educators

Connecting cancer research with Oregon communities

Community Health Educators (CHEs) are a part of the National Cancer Institute’s National Outreach Network. CHEs serve as a bridge between cancer research and Oregon communities.

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Our goals

  • Assess the needs, strengths and resources of Oregon communities
  • Disseminate culturally appropriate, evidence-based cancer information
  • Adapt and test culturally tailored education and outreach activities that address local and statewide cancer health disparities.
  • Enhance OHSU researchers' understanding of the needs and preferences of communities across Oregon to increase impact.

Who we work with

Any private or public community-based agency or organization either focused on reducing cancer disparities and/or serving target populations. This includes schools, health departments, hospitals/clinics, non-profit organizations, government agencies, etc.  

What we do

We assist communities in identifying local strengths, gaps and resources to address community-specific cancer issues through a tiered engagement model for research and education.  

  • Education and Outreach
    We deliver culturally tailored outreach and education to increase knowledge, acceptance and access to evidence-based cancer information and resources, such as Screen to Save, HPV vaccination and clinical trials.
  • Community Readiness Assessments
    Community Readiness assessments offer an on-the-ground opportunity to identify a community's preparedness to address local cancer issues by gaining data on local, knowledge, perceptions, beliefs across sectors. 

Connecting in communities

We are part of the National Cancer Institute’s National Outreach Network.