Community Cancer Health Education

Community health educators

Connecting cancer research and education throughout Oregon communities

The Knight Community Outreach and Engagement team's Community Health Educators serve as a bridge between cancer research and education in communities throughout Oregon.

Our goals

  • Respond to the needs and support the strengths and resources of Oregon communities
  • Disseminate culturally appropriate, evidence-based cancer information
  • Adapt and test culturally tailored education and outreach activities that address local and statewide cancer health disparities.
  • Develop, maintain and sustain trusted and collaborative relationships throughout the state.

Who we work with

Any private or public community-based agency or organization focused on reducing cancer disparities and/or serving underrepresented or underserved populations. This includes schools, health departments, hospitals/clinics, non-profit organizations, government agencies, etc.  

What we do

  • Education
    We deliver education to increase knowledge, acceptance and access to evidence-based cancer information and resources, such as Screen to Save, HPV vaccination and clinical trials education. We work directly with community organizations to translate the material, record the material and ensure language literacy and material is culturally responsive and appropriate. 
  • Outreach
    The Community Health Education team, in collaboration with other state-supporting organizations, are planning mobile education and vaccination events, preparing cancer-related educational materials for use by Oregon’s Traditional Health Workers and ensuring our educational materials move into 6 additional languages.

Connecting in communities

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