OHSU Global SE Asia

Exploring Academic and Research Collaborations in Southeast Asia


Oregon Health & Science University seeks to centralize its global footprint in Southeast Asia by establishing a hub in Bangkok, Thailand, where education, research, and clinical initiatives can be leveraged and sustained over time to improve human health globally.  Such a presence in this important and dynamic part of the world allows OHSU to send inter-professional teams of health care providers and researchers to assist our partners with tackling regional priorities and will raise OHSU's profile by making it more competitive back at home.

Why Bangkok?

ThailandBangkok is a dynamic hub in Southeast Asia, a sophisticated metropolitan city only two flights away from Portland, Oregon. A partnership with Bangkok Hospital and Mahidol University links OHSU with the largest private hospital system in Southeast Asia encompassing over 40 hospitals throughout Thailand, Cambodia, and Myanmar, and a premier University with top ranked medical, nursing, dental, pharmacy and public health schools. Bangkok Hospital's regional role, ability to provide space and administrative support to OHSU from its flagship hospital, and established close ties with medical, nursing and dental schools and governments in Thailand and neighboring Southeast Asian countries makes them an ideal partner and host institution for an OHSU campus. Mahidol University's leadership role as an anchor country for ASEAN member country medical, nursing, dental, pharmacy and public health schools make them an ideal partner for establishing and furthering local and regional efforts with OHSU.