OHSU Global SE Asia

Founding of OHSU Global

Foundting of OHSU GlobalIn 2006 OHSU students hosted a global health conference, which drew around 900 students. President Joe Robertson took notice and in 2007 launched the Global Health Center (GHC) to promote global health education, research, clinical training, and advocacy. Peter Spencer, PhD, the former Director of CROET (Center for Research on Occupational and Environmental Toxicology), was appointed the first Director of the GHC.

Over the next eight years, over 1,000 students from across the University enrolled in five interprofessional GHC courses, many students working with immigrants and refugees in the Portland area. Fifty five students won scholarships to study or to do research projects abroad. Under the leadership of Andy Harris, MD, over 100 mid and late-career health professionals returned to OHSU to re-train as global health volunteers in low-income countries. 

In early 2014, Provost Jenny Mladenovic appointed Justin Denny, MD, MPH and Leah Cronn, JD to develop OHSU Global, SE Asia by fostering collaborative relationships with institutions in SE Asia.  Oregon Health &Science University has now developed a partnership with Bangkok Dusit Medical Services and Mahidol University in Thailand to create funded opportunity for students, residents and faculty in Thailand, Laos and Myanmar in the areas of ophthalmology, nutrition, occupational health, nursing quality, pediatric care and infectious disease research.

In July 2015 the Global Health Center and OHSU Global, SE Asia merged to become OHSU Global under the direction of Provost Dr. Jenny Mladenovic.  This website provides further details about this exciting and promising development and effort.                                                  

Exploring Academic and Research Collaborations in Southeast Asia


Oregon Health & Science University seeks to centralize its global footprint in Southeast Asia by establishing a hub in Bangkok, Thailand, where education, research, and clinical initiatives can be leveraged and sustained over time to improve human health globally.  Such a presence in this important and dynamic part of the world allows OHSU to send inter-professional teams of health care providers and researchers to assist our partners with tackling regional priorities and will raise OHSU's profile by making it more competitive back at home.

Why Bangkok?

ThailandBangkok is a dynamic hub in Southeast Asia, a sophisticated metropolitan city only two flights away from Portland, Oregon. A partnership with Bangkok Hospital and Mahidol University links OHSU with the largest private hospital system in Southeast Asia encompassing over 40 hospitals throughout Thailand, Cambodia, and Myanmar, and a premier University with top ranked medical, nursing, dental, pharmacy and public health schools. Bangkok Hospital's regional role, ability to provide space and administrative support to OHSU from its flagship hospital, and established close ties with medical, nursing and dental schools and governments in Thailand and neighboring Southeast Asian countries makes them an ideal partner and host institution for an OHSU campus. Mahidol University's leadership role as an anchor country for ASEAN member country medical, nursing, dental, pharmacy and public health schools make them an ideal partner for establishing and furthering local and regional efforts with OHSU.

OHSU Global SE Asia Advisory Board

Robert Amon, M.D., Clinical Professor Emeritus, Dermatologist, OHSU

Abhijit Banerjee, Director of Business Development - OHSU

Sonia Buist, M.D., Professor Emerita of Medicine, Pulmonary and Critical Care, OHSU

Greg Dinges, President and Representative Director, Cole Haan Japan 

Collette Hemming, COO, Nike - Indonesia

Meichael Heyn, Independent International Affairs Professional, Portland

Matt Levin, Attorney, Markowitz, Herbold, Glade and Mehlhaf, Portland

Leslie Lundberg, OHSU Global Chair

Robert Martindale, Professor of Surgery; Chief of Gastrointestinal and General Surgery; Medical Director Hospital Nutritional Service, OHSU

Katherin H. O'Neil, Lawyer, Portland, Oregon

Josh Schlesinger, Managing Member of Schlesinger Investments, Portland

Paul Schlesinger, Partner, Schlesinger Companies.

Nick Stanley, Partner, Veber Partners

Robin Willoughby, Partner, Talson Capital Management

Antonio Zea, Senior Director of Global Football, Under Armour